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New Wiloryn

A while back, in Yet Another Buff The Heroes thread, myself and at least one other said, "Don't mess with Wiloryn."

You didn't listen. OK, she's been buffed. No complaints about making an awesome hero even more awesome.

BUT!, and this really is a BIG BUT!!!!! If she should ever, ever, prove problematic in her new clothes, please do nothing more than to return her to her former, 'weak', self.

Thank you.

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In Limited Arena, Wiloryn has a win rate of 12%.
In Standard, 34%.

This is why the buffs were minor, and not a full redesign. I actually really like her design, it just needed a little boost.

But sure, I promise that if we move to a Wiloryn dominant era, we'll just take her to back to her old self.

I mean look what we did with Arcanos. Took him from the bottom of the barrel to the dominant force in standard (higher win rate than Thania) and all we did was bump half of one ability down.

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If Wilo ever goes back to her old self, her 3rd charge can stay as it is now. The only potential problem might be her 5th charge, but we will see.


That's funny, I see the change to the first ability as the bigger buff. That simple change to all status effects makes it much more utilitarian, especially with nasties like Imolation. Not touching ally abilities is icing.

On the other hand, giving the enemy hero 1 mana was a minor niggle, but well worth the price most of the time. Afterall, you've removed a problem from the board for a turn, and the enemy was still likely in the hole to replay the card, despite the 1 mana.


Could you make it so that ai wont use wiloryn's 1st on creatures which is does nothing to? Especially when it has a good target somewhere else.