Thank - You GANZ, Questions and Opions

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Thank - You GANZ, Questions and Opions

I really want to say that (and on behalf of almost every other player on the game too), cheers! :D
And I wanted to make this because people are happy, but not fully understanding what's happening :/

Hero Changes

Thania - was expecting this

Wilo - sweet :)

Cruto - Extra sweet :D

Grovenhold - cool!

Mek - I see why, but I honestly though his first ability was going to 4

Acornos - same as mek

Bothar - Unexpected, surprised me, but if he needs it that much . . . I would at least say if you draw an ancient card, gain 1 mana but that seems almost useless and less confusing :)


LA packs for gold! YEAH! now I can try for elara now!
DiD packs for gold! Cool for anybody but me who hasn't got a bunch of T'rrr's!
DiD in singles; unexpected :)

Extra surprise - Tribes 2 for gold? O-o

New player decks
VERY happy with this. Now if only the buyable starter decks got changed, would look more professional :)

Changes and stuff I dislike or would like to see;

G'rom. An answer to it (not like that) simply, why isn't it Ancient O-o ? Most of us got the impression "GODS Reborn" = ancient. But I see its because its a "last resort" card that its unaligned. Fair enough, maybe next time :/

Tournaments, glad to hear its not forgotten about (same with campaign)
Guild cards (the unlockable cards). Personally, I'd like cards that ALMOST got into the set, but didn't get added, to be in guilds unlockable section :).

1) Key guild changes
2) Shop now containing powerful packs for gems and gold AND in singles (and a little something)
3) An entire new set!
4) Hero balance
5) Promo art
6) Easier for new players
7) A complete new format

Thank you so much karl and GANZ! you have giving EVERYTHING a huge improvement and made everybody happy with at least 1 thing :D

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Hero Changes

I think the change is uncalled for. The focus should be on Opus balancing, not on MEK as a hero. Comparing to alisten 4th charge dragon summon his token is a joke. Mek is really useless without his banner, which is easily countered with a simple gear removal.

As with Mek, i think bother got hit where it wasn't needed. While 2 mana could be over the top, gaining 1 mana instead would be a far better change. On the other hand, his 3rd charge just destroys any gear focused deck which isn't fair at all. Next to old Arcanos, his 3rd ability has the best mana value. It should be moved to 4th charge.

Good call. This was discussed a lot in chat and most suggested the same thing. He was getting a lot of free damage before the change.

While I don't think Thania is especially hurt by moving to 2k (Holy + Mystical = RTG + paragon + RC + Enigma + pacify > still works pretty well) I'm okay with waiting a bit more to find out how she adapts.

Wilo is in my personal opinion the best designed hero as she can pilot very versatile decks plus she is very fun to play. And I'm glad that her 3rd charge removes negative status effects now (god knows I have needed it more than I can count).

Her 5th charge may be a bit too much. Returning a 4 mana card can really hurt the enemy who just lost 3 mana (-1 for banish). I would've suggested that that it does return 1 mana for 4 mana rebounds, but not for any lower costed cards. But we will see how it plays out.

Overall, I think we will be seeing her quite a lot.

Only light aligned are immolated - I'm sure there is a sigh of relief for Abba players out there :) Still, a lot of kingdoms lack proper status removal, so this might be a problem for non-holy Kingdom choices (Holy on the other hand just received another batch of negative status removal).

Just three words. Groven Elemental decks.


Similarly, as with Mek, I think trouble got hit where it wasn't required. While 2 mana could be over the best, picking up 1 mana rather would be a far superior shot. Then again, his third charge just decimates any rigging centered deck which isn't reasonable in any way. Next, to old Arcanos, his third capacity has the best mana esteem. It ought to be moved to the fourth charge.

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