Thoughts on holy

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Thoughts on holy

Both holy and undead are most well known for life gain, but what's different in their structure? Holy is more well known for having more of a defensive 'buff' structure when making a typical creature based build, while undead is more well known for being rather agro. Despite this, holy creature based builds aren't all that strong. Even though they're good at buffing, the decks that can be made with them are never all that competitive. This is because their creature can be stolen too easily and killed too easily by magic based spells. That's why this post will be devoted to coming up with strong tutor based and buff based holy cards.

1 mana spell
Target creature losses up to 3 attack; then that creature gains 1 ability for each attack lost.
(Maybe better made for alchemy?)

God's acceptance
3 mana spell
Target creature with 0 attack gains +3/2 and Regen.

Pacifistic leader
4 mana creature
0/4 Regen Support
Whenever an ally creature enters play: That creature gains +1/0.
On attack: Opposing creature becomes pacified.

Hero's conquest
3 mana spell
Target creature gains +1/1, indestructible, and armor. If that creature has an opposing creature with a mana cost greater than it's own, gain +2/3 instead.

Hero in training
2 mana creature
Whenever this creature kills a creature worth 3 mana or more/Whenever a creature worth 3 mana or more enters play: This creature gains +1/1.

Helpless angel
3 mana creature
0/3 Flying
On enter: This creature becomes pacified. Whenever an ally holy creature enters play: That creature and this creature gains +1/0.

Angelic harp
3 mana gear
Angel creatures cost 1 less to play. Whenever an angel creature dies: Shuffle it back into your deck.

Heaven's immortal blessing
3 mana spell
Each ally light alliance creature becomes indestructible.