Preveiw cards Review (From Blog)

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Preveiw cards Review (From Blog)

As more cards come out, I will update this. But im doing this for the sake of it :P

Relic Hunter;

A very nice card. 2 mana 2/2 epic rarity, unaligned. Means it can be used in any decks
(Helpful with 2 kingdom being introduced soon) but not bad overall. I don't expect this card to be used in LIMITED format but definitely everywhere else (in sideboard at very least). Awesome art work too with a game changing effect, really love this card!

Stone of Simplicity

(That word isn't simple, not even word checker knew it)
But its ancient! 10/10! 5 golden stars!
But seriously, I love these unique game changing effects. With a gear that grants deny as well as the heart of some new decks. actually, a few days ago in chat (or PMing somebody) im sure I was talking about what a waste for cards like peasant, war mammoth, mountain giant (Normal cards, without texts) etc. But in a way, this changes all of that :D
This will DEFINITLY be a card I make a deck around (think your destroying it? Guess again! Indestructible!) *Hero, *Devroth*

The text on this card IS confusing though; "Creatures with no texts are 1/1" does this mean creatures gain 1/1 or every other creature (with a text) become a 1/1? Like devroth's last ability?
Stay tuned for Next card preview AND review!