Pheonix power

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Pheonix power

Phoenix hatchling
2 mana
1/2 Flying
Whenever this creature dies; replace it's corpse with a 0/2 Phoenix egg.
(The 0/2 egg becomes a phoenix hatchling when killed.)

Ash coated Phoenix
3 mana
2/2 Flying
On your turn: If this creature is a corpse and you control an ally elemental creature; revive this creature.
On your turn: For each ally elemental creature you control; deal 1 damage to a creature or hero. (This is random and can hit ally targets.)

Fury scorn Phoenix
7 mana
4/1 Haste Flying
On your turn: If this creature is a corpse, revive it. At the end of your turn: this creature takes 2 damage.

Nurturing Phoenix
4 mana
2/3 Flying
On your turn: Summon a 0/2 phoenix egg in an empty all slot. At the end of your turn: Destroy an 'egg' creature.

Phoenix Feathers
4 mana gear
All ally phoenix creatures cost 1 less to play. Whenever an ally phoenix enters play: that creature gains +1/0 and haste.