Beginner, Experianced, Veteran

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Beginner, Experianced, Veteran

In thinking about how all arenas the placing/ranking really just goes mostly just to whoever has the best collection of cards and heroes, along with decent deck building skills, I was thinking about different ways to give the newbies a bit of glory in PVP.

Picture this, you click on the "Arenas" button, and then instead of seeing the three main arenas we see today, we see 3 options as to arena rooms to go to. These options would be something like "Beginner, Experienced, Veteran"

Each of these rooms would be limited based on different statistics on players experience. (Such as star count, play count, or card count.)
An rough, not thought out example of this could be

Beginner(Tier 1): Can only enter this arena if you have 30 stars or less OR less than 500 cards OR less than 2,500 battles completed. (Given 3 options so players aren't forced out too easily or quickly.)

Experienced(Tier 2): Can only enter this arena if you have 30-125stars or 500-1500cards or 2,500-20,000 battles. (Notably you'll be able to enter this arena while still eligible to enter the beginner arena)

Veteran(Tier 3): Can only enter this arena if you have 100+ stars or 1500+ cards or completed 15,000+ battles.
(Again, you will be able to enter the mid-teir arena initially once you gain entrance to the Veteran arena.)

Each arena would have slightly different rewards. The higher the tier, the greater the reward. I'd suggest a small difference to the rewards. Giving newer players good rewards will encourage long term play, along with allowing them to more quickly catching up with more experienced players.
(Here is kinda the difference I'd expect to see. In the current arenas, 1st place earns you 10new packs, 10 promo cards, and 100 gems. I think I'd set that as the veteran 1st place reward. For the tier 2 arena, I'd set it to something like 5 new packs 100gems and 4 promo cards. The beginner rewards 5 new packs 80 gems 2 promo cards. (Something like that.)

Quests: Rather than having quests for each individual arenas they'd all be cumulative. That's to say the quest "Win 20 battles" You can complete by winning 10 battles in two separate arenas.

Inside the arenas:
Not unlike the current view, I'd split it up into 3-4 sections.
Battleground 1: AI play.
This would go to be sort of like my idea posted here:
Battleground 2: Rotating arena
This would switch each season to different challenges. This would be good for players who have great specified builds that can't stand up to the big players in limited or standard. This could feature pauper, kingdom restricted, (A new mode where each player uses a pre-made deck, thus each game is 100% skill and luck on drawing.), or any other type of deck format you could think of.
Battleground 3: Limited
You know how this goes.
Battleground 4: Standard

I also realize that we currently don't really have the player-base to support this sort of splitting of the arena. This may be more of a long term goal? But even a immediate arena for newer players could be good. I know that could help just keep them in the game since they have people to compete with. (After all, it isn't like many new players can compete to get into the top 50 spots of limited and standard, and not many players that have been playing for only a few months can compete for the top 20.)