Kingdom Dragons + A few fun others

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Kingdom Dragons + A few fun others

I did a post a few days ago on elemental dragons, but with the new 2kingdom rule, perhaps a kingdom based dragon set would be better.

New ability:
Resilient: Damage dealt to this creature is deduced by one. (The combination of resist and armor.)

Rubble Dragon
5 mana
2/5 Flying Resilient
Damage dealt to this creature is doubled. (First resilient is applied. So a hit from a creature with 1 attack would deal 0 damage. 2 would deal 2. 3 would deal 4. Ext.)

Construct dragon (Seen a lot of suggestions on this. The art would be fun to see.)
5 mana
1/6 Flying
On your turn: If this creature is defending, each ally creature gains volatile and recycle.

Clinical Dragon
6 mana
2/5 Flying - Pacified
On your turn: Each ally light alliance creature heals 1hp and support.

6 mana
3/4 Flying Resilient
On death: Spawn a 2/2 young dracolich in each ally slot with a corpse.

Red Dragon
7 mana
2/4-5 Flying Haste
Whenever this creature deal damage to the enemy hero; each other ally elemental creature gains +1/1.

Linguistic Elder Dragon (I can see a few crafty art pictures on this one. A dragon with glasses and a fancy robe reading in a grand giant library?)
7-8 mana
1/7 Flying
On your turn: Draw a card. If that card is a mystical spell; each enemy creature becomes slowed.

(On that note...)
Grand library of the mystics
4-5? mana gear
Whenever you draw a spell; draw another spell.
(A very curious effect. You'd need to balance your deck... A deck of 100% spells would lead to a instant mill-out. Very few spells would lead to this card being wasted.)

Essence of thievery
3 mana gear
On your turn: Draw a card from your enemy heroes hand for each ally 'essence' you control.
(Low mana cost is justified by the fact the enemy hero can banish their cards to ignore the effect.)

Essence of thievery 2.0?
6 mana gear
On your turn: Draw a card from your enemy heroes deck for each ally 'essence' you control.
(Maybe bump to 7 mana since this can be used to mill? It's a bit of a odd card, but I don't think it'd be too OP even at 5mana. Why was the mystical essence ever set at 6 mana?)

2 mana runeword
6 turns
On your turn: Each creature gains abilities equal to the number of cards you control that share it's kingdom. (IE: If you control 3 alchemy creatures, each creature gains 3 abilities. 1 creature, 1 ability. If you control 1 creature + 5 gear that share it's kingdom, that creature gains 6 abilities.)