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Lore and campaign

I will start it here because i think a great idea maybe get lost in the middle fo a gigantic discussion post.

Hopeprevails suggested introducing lore in the campaign. This idea is simply fantastic. We have good threads made by users about some KCCG lore. We could use it. More than that. We could encourage ppl posting lore here, and rewarding it with its inclusion on campaign. We could get nemesis really involved in the game (a card, or even a future hero).

The campaign should be designed to tell kccg lore, and users could help build it.

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I definately support this and look forward to what people post since I think it's an integral part of the game/campaign. will post something/ideas later


I as one most certainly agree on this also. It should be a fantastic idea to involve the little tiny parts into possible future cards (like the elemental tiger).

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So, here's what I think:

Nomad shows up right at the start, tells you that the world is in chaos, and the strange events that have been occurring around your village (such as the wild men attacks) are signs. He doesn't tell you about Nemesis yet because nobody is quite sure why these things are happening, though you get the sense that Nomad knows.

He encourages you to stop the wild men, and gives you a starting deck and faces you, teaches you a trick or two and sends you into the woods to face the them, in order to protect your village. You win, and Nomad reveals that he has searched you out, and believes that you can stop this chaos and unite the people, but doesn't tell you why he thinks so (turns out you have the blood of the ancient champion(s)/hero(s) of Euna, but he doesn't tell you that yet).

Nomad gives you a little advice after the first few, then tells you to follow the path towards the gleaming capitol city. He takes off due to an urgent need that he keeps secret (he's tracking Nemesis).

You fight your way until you get to the first boss/gate, where Nomad appears and reveals that Euna's ancient evil, Nemesis, has arisen and that he has been tracking him to this place. He disappears again and leaves you to fight Nemesis (SPOILER: later you find out that each Nemesis you fight up until the final one is actually Nomad training you for the real Nemesis).

You run into guards at the edge of the city's territory that tell you to leave and that they have been ordered to drive off anyone trying to make their way into the city. You fight past them, and meet an Ex-Guard that left because he was sick of how the monarchy treated the lower class, who then overthrew the city. The beggars and thieves are violent and will not listen to reason, and the monarchy is holed up in the main chamber of the capitol, issuing orders to kill everyone. The Ex-Guard helps you out vs. them (advice), and you make your way to where the old advisor that was exiled for trying to aid the poor (Wilrius) is being attacked by the the thieves and beggars. The three of you fight your way through the capitol city to the final boss, where the Ex-Guard reveals he's the rightful heir to the throne and will make life better for everyone.

You and Wilrius leave him there, after he warns you about the fairies and elves that are attacking travelers and reaching out from their forests, and you go on your merry way.

There, that's a start.


An excellent start, I may add :)


Good start. Id go further and explain why in Euna world ppl battle with cards, or how they summons monsters and cast spells or w/e. Meaning, what the hell the player represent (in MtG they are wizards f.e.).

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