How Bahamut SHOULD have been Designed

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How Bahamut SHOULD have been Designed

When I was a young-er fellow, I thought Baha would be awesome with huge titans and massive dragons. But its a bit depressing to find out what makes the golden beast good is bit-sized creatures :/. And I know several others who thought of it like this.

Of course, not the best reason to change bahamut off the bat, but THIS is probably how bahamut should be designed; (Referring to the original ANTIC designs but slightly "nerfed").

1) (4 charges) An ally creature gains 1/1. If that creature is ancient it gains indestructible as well.

2) (5 charges) Destroy all creatures mana cost 5 or less.

3) (7 charges) Summon the next ancient creature mana cost 6 or higher from your deck.


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