New Tournament Structure

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New Tournament Structure

So here's an idea. Why not allow players to make tournaments? Pick your structure, your minimum number of players to start, then wait for it to fill up. If you ever want to join a tournament, you can check what's pending, and if the format you want isn't available, you can make it yourself. You'll never miss a tournament, and can always play in the format you'd like.

I know it'd take serious coding effort, but I think it'd make tournaments a heck of a cool feature.

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that would be awesome, but:
1)what about pack rewards? same? alts abuse....
2)would be awesome to see more sets and more sets mixed in sealed/drafts.

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1) yeah, good concern, but you can alt abuse now, but people don't 'cause they know they'll be banned from the game. recent tournaments would still show up, so you could look at the players and decks. definitely worth thinking about though.
2) 100% agree

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Yep that's basically the player's line idea.
I would like to see a pay to enter tournament along with the normal ones. 20 gems ticket for better prizes.