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Beginner Help

Hi all, ill post my Card Pool here and hope that some of you could help me

i've grinded me a Abaddon and the Elemental T2 Hero I will only post the Uncommon or better :)

Cardpool :

Bloodsire Bandit *1
Air Elemental *4
Ancient Priestress *2
Dire Wolf *2
Elvish Shanker *1
Gatling Gnome *1
Goblin Depleter *2
Hexing Warlock *1
Hexlifter Clerik *1
Maelstrom Priestress *3
Nimble Fae *3
Priestress of the Void *1
Scrapper Troll *3
Selfless Adept *2
Steel Beak *2
Swift Ghoul *3
Swiftshot Ranger *1
Thoughtfull Cleric *4
Wise Owl *1
Berserker Gnome *1
Big Game Hunter 2*
Dream Conjurer *2
Forest Scout *4
Infused Wyrm *1
Noxious Golem *1
Rotten Fleshbag *4
Shatterblast Gnome *4
Spinned Batrider *4
Spirit Bender *1
Temple Guard *3
Temple Warrior *3
Ward Magic *2
Warpath Elf *1
Allegiant Warrior *1
Demolition Golem *1
Fairy Magic *1
Gravedigger *1
Lightning Elemental *1
Monastery Adept *1
Unstable Blacksmith *1
Steel Titan *2
War Mammoth *3

A lot of Spells ...
2 Dirty Fuel 3x disintegrate and so on
Rares :

Jester *1
Mana Sprite *1
Thoughtwoven Spirits *1
Captain of the Guard *1
Charge Thief *1
Shiny Thief *2
Slayer of the Damned *1
Undying Acolite *1
Anti Air Cannon *1
Dwarven Battle Rig *2
Dwarven Task Master *2
Explosives Expert *1
Faithfull WOrshipper *4
Grave Chanter *1
Great Fire Elemental *2
LOrd of Flames *1
rage Invoker *1
Titan General *1
Zombie Goliath *1
Mind Restorer *1
Deathless Wyvern *1
Firesprout Dragon *1

Upgrade *1
Charged Lightning *2
Nature's Retribution *1
Deep Thought *2
Firestorm *1
Flight of the Pegasus *3
Harvest *1
Swap *3
Titan's Might *1
Call to Arms *2
Cursed Reanimation *1
Fae's Charm *1
Night of tHe Dammend *1
Righteous Summon *1
Volatille Connection *1
Dimensional Rip *1
Horde of Whyrms *1
Unholy Night *2

Knowledge Dampener *1
Mindgrapper *1
Arcanists Ring *1
Compound Cube *1
QDC *1
Wardrums *1
Forge *1
Equalize *1
Torture *1


Gnomish Infiltrator
Death Knight
Divine Expulsion
Aegis Shield
Omni Cloak


Undying, Demigod

Would like to know what t2 and t3 decks i could use with that deck for limited and standard, thank you :)


Try starting with Arcanos in limited. Your Great Fire Elementals work well with harness lightning.

Include all your hasty creatures, swiftshot rangers, lightning elementals, rage invoker, depleters, even charge thief and warpath elf. Then you can deal a finishing blow with spells - maelstrom priestess, firestorm, charged lightning, brain freeze, shock, and forked lightning.

Dirty fuel may help, if you feel short of mana in the first few turns. This will depend on the average cost of your other cards.

The great thing about arcanos is that you win fast or lose fast. Have fun!


For a T3, although you wouldn't be able to include Death Knight or Undying, i would definetely recomend Aka for you, you have a lot of great uncommon and rare creatures which could work with aka. She can even be played with a couple gears. Aka is alot of fun to play as well, with a permanent flying buff, great removal and a sweet summon. Aka is very versatile, but try to use creatures who could be rly scary with flying and extra attack, creatures like Battle rig, Steel Titans, etc, are great for her.

For T2, i'd you should go for Uunys I'd say. With her, the death knight and undying will rly shine, cause in limited 1 good epic can make a huge difference. for her, make sure to pack good creatures with reassemble, and some low mana cost creatures with high health like fleshbags to make the most out of her ability to kill a creature to heal herself.