vulgrath and circlet bug, meks tryumph bug

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vulgrath and circlet bug, meks tryumph bug

Found 2 bugs today.

First - opponent played vulgrath and i had a circlet in play. Clear thought cost 0 anyway, though circlet says it doesn't reduce beyond 1, in here it was reduced from 1 back to 0 with vulgrath in play, which shouldn't happen IMO.

2nd - MEK's tryumph the one with preventing 100 dmg with shield is gained by playing your opponent MEK and killing his shields. Played 1 game with my MEK, and i have 80% completed already.

EDIT: with tryumphs same goes with bothar, just bought him, haven't played a single game yet (but many vs him) and i instantly got his 8th tryumph.