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Crutomist Challenge
Challenge Rules
Deck Size: 30 - 40
Hero: Crutomist
Rarities: Rares 4, Epics 1, Legendaries 0
Kingdom: Restricted to Hero
Bonus Condition: Win in 4 turns or less (10 gems)
Energy cost: 10 (20 minutes)

Environmental effect: Spell cards can't be played

Ent's (starting) stats:
Health: 23
Mana: 4
2 abilities: 1 active; 1 passive
  • active: Pierce: deal 1 damage to enemy hero and destroy a random gear they control (4 charges)
  • passive: Attuned to Nature: elemental and mystical cards this hero plays cost 1 less mana to a minimum of 1
Deck: 28 creature cards (13 types of creatures) + 1 Frost Bark Ent in play, center lane
Creatures used (approx.):
2 x Bramble
1 x Dryad of the Mist
2 x Fire Spawn
3 x Forest Scout
2 x Frost Bark Ent
2 x Frozen Blockade
2 x Great Fire Elemental
2 x Ice Wall
2 x Lavaborn Shaman
3 x Mind Restorer
1 x Ravenous Gull
2 x Twigling
4 x Wise Owl
Crutomist's (fully maxed starting) stats:
Health: 12
Mana: 4
Deck: 30 - 40 + 1 boltling in play, bottom lane

In order to collect the bonus, you must either:

  • dole out 23 points of damage within 4 turns (dealing an average of 5.5 damage per turn), or
  • mill 25 cards within 4 turns (milling an average of 6 cards per turn).

Which brings me to my next point:

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I haven't reached to that point yet
But by looking at the win bonus condition, this bonus is just impossible to collect...
Even if i had access to all epics/legendaries, i still have no idea how to do that

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It wasn't a problem on the beta server at all. See, we had these two buttons on the screen that are missing on the regular server. One said, "iwin." The other, "ilose." If you chose wisely, it was quite solvable.

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Yea, made live really easy. We didnt need anything pesky like well constructed decks or strategy, all we do on beta side is press shiny buttons. ;)

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Thanks for the heads-up. I know now not to waste my energy on the bonus condition on this one.


I thought I had figured out how to beat the challenge, then I realized there's no spells allowed.

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I brought this up in chat, but was told by Akerson that it was doable. I was pretty sure this one was impossible, and this post puts all the evidence in one spot.

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It has been done, and it is not impossible. It is, however, VERY hard, and it is being further addressed.

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It has been done...

It has been done?!?! You have confirmation that it has been done??? I want photo I.D.s, birth certificates, voter registration,...who is the game wizard who beat this challenge??


If you pull the gnomish infiltrator or T1 & she survives the game, and you get lucky with your draw I suspect it's a piece of piss.

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This has to be the worst designed challenge in the campaign by a mile. Who designed this and what were they smoking?

I can't beat the dang thing, let alone get anywhere close to the victory condition. And you have to waste 10 energy to try. At least drop the energy requirement!

It appears you need to draw something to deal with the Ent turn 1. Only problem is there is only one card that I have that can do that - GFE. And you are limited to 4 rares total. Unfortunately I have yet to draw it into my starting hand.

You can't use spells, Cruto's abilities are next to useless because the Ent has mostly flyers and you'll kill yourself before killing the Ent. Gears are pointless because he will just use his Pierce ability to destroy them. That leaves haste creatures and Equalize as your lone defense (and I have but 1 equalize). Oh, and you get to use 1 Epic! Hooray if you actually draw it into your hand whatever you pick.

Why were so many of the challenges made so you need equalize x4?, seems like a lack of diversity there.

This challenge is not just a little whack, it is WAY whack. To me, it should have been the first one fixed after the patch....


Well I have to re-iterate all the above.
any game should be winnable, whatever cards are drawn initially - this one simply is not.
What's worse is if you simply do not have those exact cards anyway - you may as well not bother to try.
With the deck - literally - stacked against you, 10 energy is also a very dear cost to pay.
Oh, and it's obvious there is simply no-way to win the bonus.


done it with first try in turn 6, used the old video from Kensu as help, although he had solved that for an earlier version where u got 10 gems as reward and Crutomist had different skills.
here is my decklist (20 cards): You need 5 x 4 cards: 4x Great Elemental 4x Rusty Shiv 4x Elvish Shanker 4x Elven Bootcrafter 4x Enraged Elf (or Firespawn).

Play Great Elemental in turn 1 (pray to draw him :D). then use shanker on frost bark ent. use bootcrafter's haste to change slots for great elemental. remove blocking wise owls/spawns with rusty shiv (pray that it hits the 50%) have fun!


i killed it in a few tries like 6-7 with a horrible deck
and i dont see why you guys are raving over the bonus condition its just 2 gems


For me the gems hardly matter, it is just to have the feeling of accomplishment


bump to pass spam bots yet again


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