Heroes Tweak Suggestion 2

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Heroes Tweak Suggestion 2

**(EDIT: I put a second option for heroes changes using simple ideias.)**

Hi, I am back in the game and trying be back in the forum.
I am glad to be writing again. I was reading my old topics and realized
that I helped this game so much and I wanna try again =).

My last suggestion about heroes is here : http://forum.kingdomsccg.com/?q=node/4805
And wow, many things changed for better since 2013, conglats new developers (have new ones right?).

I was playing now with a new mind that inpired me to write this new topic, so let's check it.
(sorry my english if I say non-clear stuffs xD)

1: Give to all Tiers 1 heroes +1 ♥ (ok, maybe not for Amorya). On my opinion doesn't matter if they are free. The thing that makes the game interesting is the many choices of heroes and decks that you can choose and your opponents as well. Variability is good then just give theirs +1♥ for balance, people still will to buy the new heroes for new experience.

2: Below I will intruduce a new way for play abilities. It consists on activate abilities with differents amounts of charges, what will give the hero more alternatives for use certain ability.
Format: 0/X/Y -> 0 is the initial amount, X is the first option for use and Y the second.
Example: 0/3/5 -> You can use it with 3 or 5 charges where Y amount is better than X.


3: Tweaks Suggestions.

AMORYA (buff)
Riposte (3 charges): Put a SHARP SHIV (on enter/on destroyed: deal 1♠ damage to an enemey creature or hero) gear token into play.
-note: SHARP SHIV mana cost is 2 common weapon.
-Edit: add on destroyed and removed piercing damage.

Glaive Shot (4 charges): Destroy a random ally weapon gear; Then deal damage (phy) to target enemy creature equal that gear cost .
-note: The ideia is make Amorya a weapon master.
-edit: damage only creatures.

Combat Training: (0/4/6): Target ally creature gets +1♠ ( or +2♠ if 6 charges). If it is your only ally creature, it also gets +1♥ (and umblockable if 6 charges).

Ritose (3charges): Random 1(phy) damage as piercing.

Combat Training (4 charges): +1/+1 for a creature (always) and umblockable if alone.
-note: Why umblockable? stealthy make sense for Amorya as she is a huntress and you have a best stealth if you are alone. (maybe change the ability name as well).

Claive Shot (5 charges): add "It loses armor".


SHADOW (buff)
Charge Strike (0/2/4): target hero ability loses 1 charge (loses 3 charges if 4 charges); Then if that ability go to 0 (zero) charges deal 1♠ damage to that hero.

Same of first option, but keep as 2 charges.


AMARUS (buff)

Twisted Bond: "Target creature lose 1 life. If that creature die this way enemy hero lose 1 life, if it doesn't you lose 1 life."
Edit: I changed the curse effect cause many cards have synergy with curse.


UUNYS (buff)

I think that current desing is very bad cause 2 abilities are destined for gain life and mana. So...

Frost Spike: (4 charges) add text "creatures that die this way will let corpse for 2 additional turns."
- note: effect like PRESERVE.

Change Consume Soul for Soul Collector.
Soul Collector (6 charges): Put a undead relic gear token called Soul Collector into play (Whenever you remove a corpse draw a card. Creatures cards that you play have corpsecraft.
- I am not sure how many charges could be good here, it is hard to say.
-Anoter discussion we can open is about some gears be nerfed for to be non-replicable like M.E.K third ability.

Note: With all this changes Uunys becomes the number 1 on corpse thing. Eating gaining life and mana, frosting making corpse take more turns and puting a gear that works with corpse removal.


JORMA (buff)
Invoke Fury (0/3/5) : Target ally creature gets +1♠ (or +2♠ and invoked if 5 charges).

Invoke Fury (3 charges): add text "If that creature is elemental it gains invoked."

Crush Mortal (0/4/7) : Destroy target creature with mana cost 3 or less. If the charge is 7 you have no restrictions for choose the target.

Crush Mortal (3 charges): Destroy target enemy creature with mana cost 3 or less. Or target ally creature get +1 power and piercing until end of turn while there are a oposing creature.

WILORYN (buff)
Dispell (3 charges): add text "that creature become static*.
-note: Negative status static means: "This creature is immune to positive status and can't gain abilities".

REWIND (4 charges): add text "Or enemy hero lose 1 charge and put a card from his hand into the bottom of his deck".
-Note: This "or" come after the old text, what means that is a second choice for its use.

OLFAAN (buff)

Change "Stun Shot" for "Special Bullet"
Special Bullet (4 charges): deals 1♠ piercing damage to target creature, then it gains random a negative status: slow, immolated or weak.

Change "Loot Corpse" for "Loot"
Loot (4 charges): target any corpse (not only enemy) or a discard pile with a gear into the top.

Scatter Shot (6 charges): add text "Your hero gain 1 charge for each creature destoyed this way."
-Note: This is not so OP, you need lucky for kill 3 creatures, the most usual will be 1 or 2 and the others abilities are not so OP too.


Entangle (3 charges) : add text: deal 1 (mag) damage to that creature.

Wild Fire (4 charges): Removes 1 spell cards of target hero's discard pile; Then deals 1(magic) damage to each enemy creatures without fly.

Change "Burning Memories" for "Born from the Ashes".
Born From the Ashes (6 charges): Removes 3 creature cards of target hero's discard pile; Then summon a Ashes Elemental in an empety ally slot with ♠ and ♥ equals the number os creatures removed this way, this creature have haste, fly and dust.


WILRIUS (buff)

Penitence: add text "remove a negative status".

BOTHAR (nerf)

Wrecking Ball (4 charges)
-note: This means +1 charge. This ability is very op and the others abilities are very good too, so I think +1 charge could be fine.


ABBADON (nerf)

Necrotic Infusion (4 charges): add text "If that creature is not undead it become cursed."
Soul Conversion (6 charges): no reassemble


M.E.K (nerf)

Forged Shield: If you already have the Forged Shield just reforce him for more 2 damage absorving. So the text of ability is "Put a Forged Shield token into play or reforce one if you already have it".
-Note: could be cool if cards like this token show the current number of his effect.
-Note2: avoid many shields nerf him for effecs that destroy random gears and the effects that triggers every time that a gear enters.

Build An Army (5charges): No changes.
-Note: As I am nefing the others abilities this one keeps.

Day of Machine (6 charges): Remove the draw cards effect, it is just Insane. And make this ability summon a random gear between: War Banner that gives +♠ and volatile only and Hope Banner that gives +♥ and Puresoul only. Then this nerf could be enough for 6 charges. If you still think that remove the draw is too much I suggest you change the draw for 1 charge bonus for Hope Bannner and remove enemy charge for War Banner.


Riposte: +1 to giving the ability piercing, but the token seems unnecessary, I get it's to synergise with the second ability you suggest but well
Glaive Shot: This is just a bad version of blistershock (like really bad), Amorya isn't flavorfully a weapon master either (she's a huntress) so this just seems like design space for a different hero. Also the ability doesn't fit the name
Training Combat (Combat Training?): The variable charge idea is cool but doesn't seem like the kind of thing you want to put on every hero, also how would you represent that in images? It could just always grant +1/+1 (about on par with devroth's 3.

- I think all his abilities are fine as is

Twisted Bond: Does this only work if the creature survives? Either way Amarus already sees a fair amount of play in limited

I always thought of Uunys as the mana and life gain hero rather than corpse hero (she is supposed to be a lich)
Frost Spike: This kinda just wins the game if their board is full
Consume Soul: This would make a lot of people who spent 200k on grizzles really mad, the ability also seems waay to good for 5, it's probably better than mek's 7 actually...
Anyways, I don't like uunys being a corpse hero with abbadon already as the reassemble hero

Jorma - doesn't need a buff

Grovenhold: This seems like a stealth nerf as that makes ancient charms less controllable and might slow the war march decks, while not making any new groven decks viable

Wiloryn: Huh? This seems pretty useless in 99% of match ups, I guess it's good vs RTG and balthor ancient tribal, kinda

Stun shot - meh, still too random
Loot corpse - Why are you looting your own bodies?? How about the randomness is reduced and it just draws you a card and gains a mana
Scatter Shot - So you can fire it off every 3rd turn instead of 6 right?

Penitence - No comment cause according to my hero stats I have never used this ability (not even once)

Wrecking ball - Not really OP, kinda annoying for gear decks and it seems like it could be okay vs swarm, but Idk, I play burn

Perfect as is.


1) Abbadon: no nerf needed (he was buffed |B|ECAUSE he was underpowered.
2) Bothar: OK, he doesn't need a nerf, and if so not so suddenly.
3) Jorma: a buff, seriously?? O_o
4) Shadow: Like this buff, kinda cool
5) cruto: Just add immolate instead of arrest (the ability IS kinda cool I suppose though)

Olfan: he'll go through a whole new re-design I think

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Amorya eddited a bit.

don't worry about ability names, it can be changed also.

Huntress can be weapon mastery, what's the problem? If you play as Ranger(Hunter) on D&D you can choose abilities for weapon mastery.

The image of abilities just keep. The only thing that changes is the number below so instead 0/4 as inicial we will see 0/4/6.

About Amarus the curse comes before.

Uunys frost is situasional, the enemy can also remove corpse on some way or just kill a creature that have a corpse on his front.
If Grizzles just works for 1 hero this is kind of bad design for this card, but no problem, if the point of Grizzles is just for Uunys it can be edited as well.

The buff of Jorma is little. I think she is not in same level of Abbadon, Bahamut and Devroth.

Olfaan: why can't you loot your own creatures? Well, if "loot" is a problem just change the ability name.
Scatter Shot doen't means that you will kill 3 creatures all the time (usually the enemy will avoid this situation). This buff is for compensate the low quality of his others abilities and the charge bonus is random.

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The mechanic that allows heroes to use abilities on different charge levels is said to be impossible to implement without a lot of additional coding, which probably isn't going to happen.

As for other heroes:

The 2 splash every 2nd turn isn't bad, but the gear removal is too much. Even when behind a lot, bother can still beat MEK due to his kit. I wouldn't increase charge to level to 4, rather I would make gear removal of 2 and less, than 3. Would also give a higher mana cost for MEK summoned gears.

There are soooooo many counters for abba, You can counter his by using several effects:
1) Effects that don't leave a corpse
2) Effects that counter 0 mana creatures (like fae charm, oust, crush the meek - since you will run into MEK why not)
3) Effects that remove abilities
4) Effects that prevent on death effects (deny)

All those effects are included in several viable cards.

Also, Petrice is to Abba as Bothar is to MEK.

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Oncus wrote:The mechanic that allows heroes to use abilities on different charge levels is said to be impossible to implement without a lot of additional coding, which probably isn't going to happen.

Actually it is very simple to program this code, very possible.
There are a code to check if a ability is ready for use, so just need a code for to check what is the current charge amount and do the respective effect.

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Topic edited.

Many news tweak options for discuss.

Also please comment about +1♥ for old Tier 1 heroes.


Sweet, =1. Except on petrice, I think she's fine to be honest.

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I didn't said a word about Petrice. I guess you are talking about Jorma, right?


"Old tier 1 hero's". Jorma is tier 3 while petrice is tier 1 :P