Random Sucky ideas

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Random Sucky ideas

Title says it all, random ideas with lots of room for error or critic =)
I have no programming experience to understand how hard is to code this nor how many guys work for the dev of this game =)
Also i hope that no one gets mad enough to find me, fly to where i live, kill me and piss on my eyeballs just for fun .... plz be gentle =)

1 - Arena -

We have 3 arenas ( beg, lim, std ) where we should have only 2, ranked and non ranked. Both should filter the opponent based on deck type (lim or std ) and privilege PVP so we would have a place, other that almost non used skirm arena, to try out new deck ideas.

-Arena rewards - GOLD

The gold gained from completing a quest that requires 10 games lim and another 10 std that must end with WINS takes ALOOOTTTA time and the reward isnt that great if u compare time / gold spent + ranking drops. My opinion is based on the time spending for completion of these last 2 quests by anyone below 400 unique cards ( just throwing a number ) and lower game experience that should be spent on guild wars (archmage, enrage, brewmast, and other honor cards needed) therefor maybe it could be 10 games with no less than 3 turns, win or lose, each ranked and non ranked arena ( even begginers could have a taste of deck building pro-style and start hunting for cards they need sooner ).

- Arena rewards - End of Season

Season takes something like 3 weeks to end, meaning most players dont care about it for 2 weeks and rush to make 20 games and in the end the first 100 (maybe 60 + alts different guys) get more loot.
I at best can get 40 gems, 4 packs, and with LOAAAAAAAADSSSS of luck !!!!
What if one season was only 1 week and rewards cut down, like time, to 1/3 forcing ppl not to ignore it for 2 weeks and maybe 10 pvp games instead of 20 plus a counter for pvp matchs with a nice award for the one with more wins ??

2 - Tournaments -
i have no data to support just my personal experience here on the line.
I will not play Paid Standart. PERIOD. its just wasting time, burning tikets and feeding the already top dogs on this game. Also seems i am not alone in this because finished tournaments are checkable and almost always are sealed, one or other std and almost no pauper. Limited seems to happen alot more than std ( not sure ).
New tournaments should focus more on sealed with a new twist ( sealed limited and std ) and with added random hero for both players, forcing ppl to leave the confort hero zone, and dont know if its even possible or balanced if both players get a different hero.
Also maybe more packs for a larger pool to choose specially for limited.
Draft tournaments seem to be a waste of time since no one plays it or just seems like it.....

3 - Guild Wars -
This topic was already discussed countless times... ideas die due to low pool of players.

3 wars each 36 hours for 3 points - meaning there are no penalties for non active guilds, or alt guilds that dont play/ win vs main guilds, also no rewards for winning with a crushing number. Gold or honor rewards should reflect the work needed for a win instead of a flat value.
I also know that its a sensitive issue cause some guilds stay in epic avoiding burnout vs top 3 guild by not playing them and focusing on 4th to 7 th places. Not an easy topic ...

4 - Heros and Cards -

27 heros - 6 or so are free from campain unlock, last 6 cost 90k = 540k and maybe u need to buy 15 more at 70k = 1050k --------> grand total of 1,5mil ~1,6mil
If 30k per day AT BEST !!! all quests, all GW, farming campain !! that makes 2 months give or take + personal stuff.
Dunno why but that sounds like a LOOOOOTTTTTT of time not gunning for dynamic market or buying packs with gold specially for new players and everything sounds worse considering the low amount of players... so in order for new players to get addicted FAST u need to feed them (blizzard are u there !?!?!?)

CORE, EVE, RISE - lower prices and ALL gold buyable. U will make bronze and silver guilds more competitive for new players and will let veterans complete collections ( maybe 40 gems bonus for all cards on a set is kinda against this idea )

Tribes + Tribes 2 - id kill for a manacycle 70K gold or combatants ....

I would love for a new type of card that worked like the secret card of hearthstone, a facedown gear card that triggers when (below x hp, losing hp, creature die, corpse, creature enters .... ), its revealed and does something.