Reveiw/Cristism on recent update #2

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Reveiw/Cristism on recent update #2

OK Sweet and simple here :)

New heros:

After my eyes have been widen to such potential, i'd say on average:
Mek: 8/10
Bothar: 6/10
Felinca: 7/10

New music: 7/10 (very low, but its better than the last stuff for sure) :)
New opening screen (On oringal site; 8/10, seems pretty blank though apart from the awesome dragon)

New buffs: Noran; 10/10. Unexpected, but should make him more playable in other ways
Grovenhold: 6/10: Not sure if this buff really helps a lot for now, but at least he's getting some attraction which is good :)
A Bug: 10/10 (gotta keep the GANZ tradition up! with 1 good comes a bad!) hehe :)

Don't Think theres anything I've missed. On general, 8/10 GANZ, nice job :)