Allow to join free tournament even with 11+tickets

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Allow to join free tournament even with 11+tickets

Players with 11+tickets can join free tournament but if they win, they will not gain any tickets.

1. Many wants to join even for the fun of it but they can't. At least, there's another platform where you can use your "fun" limited or standard deck.

2. While doing it, you can help other players gain free tickets so that you can start a paid tournament right after. Not many players have the time to wait for a paid tournament to start.

3. New players can train themselves in doing free tournaments many times before spending their tickets on paid tournaments.

* another suggestion - put a quest free gem whenever you enter a paid tournament 1x or 2x.

I just want to share this view..

You seldom see a "tournament" in other online games. More so, even it has a tournament, you will NOT see different tournament criteria like sealed, draft, or limited. This is one of the biggest advantage of this game over other online games. It is one feature that could market new players into the game. But if these tournaments will not start, we are just wasting this good feature.


still means that 1 guy could be "Dominating" a free standard or limited though. Otherwise, I like the idea too :)

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There is that what cewen mentioned. If good players can play tourneys above the cred threshold and win, newer players might feel overwhelmed, and there is also that they can't get the top reward. Other than that, tourneys are a good distinction from other games and are done well enough.
I would guess that some don't join because they can last way too long. I would even dare to suggest to have 1 round, instead of 2 (except for constructed). Also, Karl said that he wants tourneys to start as soon as there are 8 people.


Yea. Like, the timer doesn't run out for registration, and fires ASAP 4 ppl get in.

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I still don't see the point in having free tournies. Just make every tournament free to enter and reward packs. If someone shows me evidence that significant amounts of money are being made on people buying tickets with real money then I would change my view but I really don't think that's likely to be happening.


To be honest, your probably right :P> I think there just there so that its not the same "Dominators" dominating tournies, you know? So its like forcing the big guys to take a break and wi tickets before whipping more newbies :P

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I've suggested something similar before. Close free tourneys, use the slot for something else, and give creds through quest, chests, daily logins (in addition to the current rewards). That way, all will have an equal chance of joining, tourneys start sooner, and veteran players get a break (since you get x creds per week) so they don't dominate the tourney scene. And if someone wants to join more often he could always buy the tickets.

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All I want to see is a tournament ladder like we have with the arenas now. This will not only get the veterans back into tournaments even with a weak prize pool but also help newer players as sealed/draft doesn't have as high of a competition curve.


Make it so that a player that joins with 11+ will be bottom of the list always. This way can still have the fun of playing if they like but not take away the top spots for others to win tickets.

I don't like Oncus' suggestions to make tickets available only through logins etc. It limits the tickets you can get.