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Guild wars

one we have a king, now a lot a players like to roll play i use to in another game and its fun , we have dukes , knights,and squires , which is good . no problem with that but somethings missing , a King needs a Queen / or a second -in command that can do the work of a king with a certain amount of power like a king mainly everything a king can do except remove the king , . queen or second in command would work with the king they would be able to do more with the guild since they could be on at differant times it's just something i wanted to see if it can work anybody else got ideas or thoughts, i like to here them too .
i asked one of my guild mates and he/she :) thinks it could work , Oncus you have some good ideas too.


thx lens1 i hope others are reading this too it might be something worth while for all


I have seen this, and a few things to say:

1) Guild wars are in the worse thing in the game atm. I think Guilds should be prioising the whole .. . "Re-design" thing rather than updating the command system.

2) Its an OK idea, but its not need. More of an "extra", or a "feature" on that 2nd copy of the DvD you buy :)

3) Guild wars definitely need it. Having a Queen or 2nd in command can come later. Im more concerned that Guild wars gets fixed, to be made fun, challenging, unique, and not stressful
"Do 90's 24/7 or your out of here pronto!!!" kinda thing :P


Sure redesigning guilds altogether is important and i'm sure its on the agenda, but in the meantime, in getting there, might be easier for ganz to make a few small amendments along the way while they're working on the bigger redesign.

This could be one of those and such a position is a good one. But hey, I doubt Ganz will buy into the implied sexism of always having a queen 2nd in command to a king! Males, Females, Hermaphrodites, Bigenders, Gender Fluids, Intersexes, Two Spirits, and the Genderless all have their place. Ganz shouldn't promote such prejudice. Better to let guilds customize their own titles for all of their own ranks - and preferably the powers and colors that come with them. I know many guilds out their are gunning to be ruled by a Quing.

Get on board.

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+1 lol!

I <3 you, man (in a non-gay way)


thx for all the posts , least i ( we) know it's not a bad idea :) sure the title needs work but it's just a title , the main thing is someone else would be able to help run a guild, for when a king /queen which we have some guilds that have a female running it and mind you are doing great , a second in command would be on when a king is not or vice verse, disputes could be handle faster , yes guild wars need something , to be fun again the arena got a good boost we need something like that in the (GWs) to make it worth while for players to actually play again instead of just beening there .


So if we were gonna change up Guild wars, my suggestion (Along with everyone else's) would be to drop the GW to 15 battles per guild, but double the gold amount so it won't ENTIRELY kill off guild wars (because most people farm gold anyway)



First off, guild wars need MUH more than that, lowering the battles is the bear minimum.

1) Drop battles to 20 I say
2) An increase in rewards (gold and gems alike)
3) Gem reward for all guilds, not just top 3 (means the lower 3 at the bottem bob up and down between gold and epic (example) and can kill off an entire guild that way)
4) Some sort of loyalty bonus, to stop players jumping from guild-to-guild to get gems.
5) More than 4 leagues (personal opnion). For example, I think there should be a legendary league, for guilds that can keep on top of epic (means it shifts around too). Its very impressive to stay at top of epic, especially for a year or 2 (congrats TAM, alpha, demonic and pa)

That's just the top 5 I could think up. Plus, decreasing the amount wars means guild member numbers have to go from 15 -->10. (Maybe not that amount but will have to be lowered)


Thanks Cewen, good idea !need a thumps up button :)