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DiarrheamazinG made a good thing for this game,he put it on instagram.Dimitar made a fan page on facebook.Archa put tournie videos on youtube.JosephMagnus made tutorials for new players on youtube.Some of the players are doing great things for this game so i got idea.I hope it is a good one.Some of the people are so devoted to this game,they deserve respect and maybe something more.By more i mean reward.One legendary card that Ganz gives to the 20 most loyal players.Players who play the most,who are active on forums and try to help other players and this game.In my mind i have Cewen,he is always nice,tries to help.Dr.Bojangles is encyclopedia for this game,he has answers for all the questions and is willing to help.Malahovk is always helping.Oncus is always on forums making this game better.Tom Kat,one of the best players.Archa too.And much more good persons and players.Wicked is the dearest person in chat:).Some of the players deserve it.(sorry for my bad english).

Name of the card:LOYALTY,5 mana,unliganed spell

Put a relic gear card in game.Enemy hero cant play any cards from your hero kingdom.(So Alisten cant get echoblast,or Jorma cant get any fireballs on hers creatures)
On enter destroy all enemy hero cards that are from your hero kingdom.This gear cant be destroyed by spells:).


A few things to say to this, but just to get it out the way, very flattered <3. But being nice shouldn't be something awardable, its just something people are :)

Also, I don't think you could call me "Loyal" :P. In terms of guilds, sure, but im not a paying player. If I were (And old enough to use paypal, to have it aswell as the other stuff needed) I would definitely pay. Always liked amar, not to mention fancy new echo blasts :D

1) I know, to be given a card as dear and special as this, is should be very limited and very hard to get. But I can still think of about 50 players that could be considered "Loyal" (Nouser would be 1, but he is gone)

e.g Eva (Very nice like me, but pays too!) Loboboy (enough said :D) and AlucardRo (How can he not?? Re-built a guild and made it shine better than possible! *5th in epic atm*

As for the card, I think its designed perfectly. Unique, has the right mana cost, has counters, and its more of a fun-rewarding card like summoner's gambit :)

Also, thx to DiarrheamazinG for making the instagram (I thought it was OogieLovesFan420. If it is you then this is just one of those stupid moments of mine) :)

And don't worry about your English MM, its beautiful :). Just need spaces after a "full stop"(.) , and its perfect!

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Thx :D

Imo there are, however, guys here deserving any rewards for devotion much more than me and I'm still far from being a one of best players.