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Twisty stuff

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Elemental Transition
2 mana Elemental Uncommon Gear Relic
Magic Damage is reduced to one. Whenever an ally source deals magic damage to you, gain 2hp. Whenever an enemy source deals magic damage to you, lose 1 mana. (to balance it out, don't know if it helps much)

Willow's Tears
3 mana Mystical Uncommon Gear Relic
Whenever an enemy creature deals damage to an ally Mystical creature, it gets Slow 1. Whenever an ally Spirit creature enters play, it steals Ranged and Haste from it's opposing creature and that (enemy) creature gains Dust.

4 mana Undead Uncommon Gear Relic
Whenever your hero loses hp (the damage type) summon a 2/1 Horror Token with Dust and Flying in an empty or corpse occupied slot. Ally Undead creatures have Pierce and Dust.

2 mana Holy Uncommon Creature Monk Cleric 2/2
On enter: All creatures lose all negative status effects and gain 1hp. Whenever an ally Holy creature enters play, it gains Puresoul and 1hp.

Drunken Strategist
3 mana Alchemy Uncommon Creature Dwarf 1/3 - Armor (got a funny helmet, that's why)
On enter/on your turn: Ally creatures switch lanes (the two slots without the played Drunken Strategist are switched). Whenever an ally creature gains an ability, return a construct or a gear card from your discard pile to your hand. (If you control two or more of these there should be extra text for it perhaps, it could get messy...)

Oracle of the Void
2 mana Ancient Uncommon Creature Cleric 2/2
On enter: If there is a runeword in play, remove it and you gain 1 mana. Runewords can not be played. Whenever an enemy creature gains attack or hp, an ally creature gains Intimidate.

1 mana Unaligned Uncommon Runeword 7 turns
Cards cannot be banished by it's player (only by other sources). Whenever the enemy discards a card, you gain 1 mana and discard a card.