Make The Heroes More Conservative

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Make The Heroes More Conservative

While it's not as bad as it is in some other games like World Of Warcraft, League Of Legends, and Diablo.

Kingdoms has it's fair share of what they call "fan service" in heroes like Amorya and Akatril and is yet another game catering to the idea that females can either be sex objects or essentially be worthless. And I know I'm not the only one who's tired of it.

I think KCG would do well to be the one game that DOESN'T cater to the males aged 14-25ish crowd and actively work against this tired stereotyping.

We may be able to draw more players by working against this stereotype and even going so far as to make the heroes less endowed/missing pieces of clothing in their character pictures (Jorma is fine), and make them look more like Wiloryn.

People are looking for something new and refreshing rather than the over-the-top-very-ironically-LUSTY-NEAR-NAKED-angel-who-is-also-attracted-to-you-[insert_generic_fictional_name_here].

Call it crazy, but I think it could do a lot to help advertise the game and appeal to a wider audience.


Meh . . .

1) We got a sexy looking Viking coming. That's enough, isn't it?

2) No need, just draw some creapy fan art that attracts ppls and stick it on a KCCG gallery, or oogies new KCCG instagram (2 akitrils 1 holy grail anybody?)

3) I agree on akitril looking like your angle pic in the link. GANZ DID say on 1 of the pod casts, that they WOULD be doing HERO art as well as card art. (For winnings tournaments, "seasonal promo" etc). We already got it for cards, so we must be close to it :).

4) I don't think this alone could attract a bigger player base (which is something I personally really want) but theoretically, could play a big role in it.

5) Putting a number 5 here, because only having 4 makes it look "Unfinished" :)

EDIT: REMOVE SHADOWSIL FROM THE GAME! (at least make it mana cost 5)


I can't comment since I'm no longer in the target group of players, but this suggestion made me lol =P

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Honestly, I'm tired of all the fan service in games. Warrior angels in thongs and metal bras ready for battle...I really doubt that would make the new people swarm in since more and more players are getting tired of that stunt.

If you need to get players attention in that way, just make the first pics on steam profile of Amorya and underboob Alisten. I don't think that fan service determines if a player would stay or not. And to be fair, the focus shouldn't be as much on minors since not many of them can support the game as good as 20+.


I agree, it just cheapens the game and caters to men's basic rapist mentality. The last thing we need is another sleazy game exploiting women for men's carnal perversions.

In all seriousness, maybe the better idea would be to be the one game that doesn't do that at all. Amorya as a starter character could be changed to look more like the "Wild Man" from the start of campaign. It would make sense as a starter character that he would look more simple in that sense. And help to move the game away from that sort of cheap fanservice crap that so many other games fall into. Alisten could change too to something less revealing.

Fan service is cheap and as you pointed out, people are just getting tired of it. KCG would be good to get away from that sort of thing. It's just not gonna bring in anymore people and may even turn them away.


I completely agree with Oogie on this one.

Nowadays every game that has sexy portraits of females gets alot of flack on sites like Reddit. And Kingdoms could become one of them. Think of the free publicity we could have if we turned female heroes into sex objects?

I think this is a brilliant idea.

Keep it coming.

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Actually yeah, whenever I see click-bait ads for games they always include some chick with armor only on her goodies. Horny 15 y/o gamers click on that stuff to see more mostly-naked chicks and sometimes end up enjoying the game itself.


On the other hand hope, sometimes it drives players completely away thinking
"Huh, this is just a cliché game, wanting my money".

I say alternative art work for hero's should be the ONLY sex art in the game. They can go on the cover, opening screen I don't mind, but please don't turn the game into a load of sex driven hero's :/.

My reasoning still stands unchanged. If I wanted to look at some boobs, I would go to a porn site, not a gaming site. Don't make sex the main attraction to the game, but have alternative art work for the hero's if its really needed.


Here's where I think people are misunderstanding what I'm trying to say.

Of course I don't mean we should change the art in this game to hardcore porn and make every hero some big boobed warrior angel with her hand down her pants drooling on herself.

I literally mean just doing a better job of what they were clearly trying to do with Amorya. Even 1 "fan service" hero could be enough to catch the eye of potential playing heroes. And of course by that I mean something along the lines of the picture I referenced in the OP rather than full out hentai or whatever.

It wouldn't be the "main attraction" of the game of course. Just something to draw the players attention. And while certainly not every player who clicks on a picture will become a paying player who's gonna dedicate hundreds of hours and dollars into the game, the bottom line would be that the picture at least got more people's attention. People who may have never looked in the game's direction at all otherwise.


I think we need more heroes that aren't alive (not counting the undead heroes) like i think we should have more horror heroes, construct heroes, beast heroes and maybe just a demonic hero.

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+1, especially for demonic hero ;D


In that case, I want a hero full and made of purple beautiful diamonds :D

Hands down, would be my fav hero instantly.



In general seeing beauty far more fun than seeing averaging looking girls/ strange looking girls.

Seeing sexiness is even better.

Add R rated button in settings mode so can also take this to its highest climax.

Less is more.

Give heroes and cards a buff.

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I personally think that the way Kccg still allows non-paying players to play well and doesn't give that much power to Whales, and thusly the people attracted by any number of lusty angels (Akatril)/buff over-armoured dudes (Belnir) will not like the game, and we would like them or the game they would make out of Kccg.
My opinion is this - Best be to let the developers make original heroes, ones that have character, story to them, not something every other game has.
And if we do follow that path, if we do actually not only make original heroes, and make canon stories of them, then we could advertise the game on "Project Wonderful", as the websites that use those adds, attract people who are more attracted by story, rather than the over-the-top-very-ironically-LUSTY-NEAR-NAKED-angel-who-is-also-attracted-to-you-[insert_generic_fictional_name_here].
I'd be bold enough to say that we need to make Amorya, Akatril, Uunys and Alisten less endowed/missing pieces of clothing in their character pictures (Jorma is fine), make them look more like Wiloryn .


I agree and was mistaken in my first post. It would be interesting to see a game go in the exact opposite direction that most games go.

We'd attract a lot of players by trying something new.

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Did you seriously rip more than 50% of my comment to change your point of this post? :p Well I call #dibs @dibs on my idea, so no one dare say I plagiarized.


You know what they say, "If you can't beat em........


here's what we should do

1. make custom anime skin art for heroes
2. ????
3. Profit.