Suggestions for new art for cards!

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Suggestions for new art for cards!

Just ideas on pop cards for variant/special card art :)

1) Pegasus for example: (don't use it, its off google images, NOT mine)
2) blessed champion
3) Gob hog blazer
4) Abominable Snowman
5) maelstrom elemental
6) Divine explosion
7 ) Shadow Dagger
8) Death Knight
9) angelic captain
10) Undead doomsayer
11) Abyssemble Dragon and The bard
12) realm crusher?

jus my top 11 or 12 of cards I think would look cool with some special art :). Put in your ideas below!


Obviously not yours, (Pegasus) you don't have my artistic talents ;3 Just a suggestion; take out cards that people don't use often (Angelic Captain, Maelstrom Elemental; maybe Abominable Snowman and MAYBE Death Knight) and add popular cards. Apart from those/that I agree with your list.


Im gonna comment again instead of editing my previous post cause I'm a boss;

I'd like to see Variant Art within; (even though some are unpopular and as mentioned in my last post, should not be focused on)

Seraph Enlightener
Ornate Battle Horn
Seraph Guardian
Gob Hog Blazer
Lava Blade
Power Pendant
Time Mantle
Holy Grail
Wild Behemoth
Dark Pact


I agree on a lot of these, especially dark pact and holy grail. Another few good ideas may be some good rares, like
1) ground shatterer
2) grand summoner
3) dimensional rip etc

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Personally I think variant art should be on creatures, because I don't even see spells getting played with my settings, but you're forced to look at a creature


That applies to gears too then as well as creatures, doesn't it? But yea, your probably right about that.

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yeah, gears too


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