Release Notes - July 23, 2015

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Release Notes - July 23, 2015

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Balancing highlights:

Raise the Guard: Raised Mana Cost to 7
Iron Dragon: Drop HP to 3
Holy Charm: Reworded to “Your hero gains 2 HP. If your hero is Holy, they gain 3 HP instead.”

Perserve: Corpses now last two turns
Explosives Expert – Upped to Volatile 2
Ancient Being – HP raised from 2 to 3
Faithful Worshipper – Mana cost dropped from 4 to 3
Call to Arms – Mana cost dropped from 4 to 3
Spiked Armor – Mana cost dropped from 5 to 4
Ancient Dragon – HP raised from 4 to 5
Eternal Dragon – Now has Indestructible
Sanity Tapper – Mana cost dropped from 3 to 2
Puresoul Cleric – Mana cost dropped from 4 to 3
Mana Bloom no longer gains Strong. It actually gains ATK instead.

Bug Fixes:
Added error protection to Thania’s 2nd ability to prevent it from creating DefID errors
Fixed DefID errors with Summoner’s Gambit and Wealthy Benefactor
Fixed Power Cast bug that would allow enemy to get benefit if you didn’t play a light alliance creature after playing the spell, and they did.

Quickdraw Cannon
Quickdraw Cannon had gotten overly complicated and has been simplified. It has been returned to its original text, but limited to a maximum of 3 triggers per turn.
There was actually a bug in the old QDC code that allowed you to avoid destroying the QDC on the 5th trigger. It has been fixed and applied to the new design.

Alisten Refactor
Imposing Visage (3 Charge) now gives Intimidate to friendly creatures or timid to enemy creatures
Dragon Calling (6 Charge) now puts a random Ancient creature with cost of 5+ into your hand (not from your deck) rather than drawing a card.