Perma runes?

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Perma runes?

Can we change some runes to be permanent? I don't mean that you can't remove them with another rune or effect, just that they last the entire battle unless removed.

Obviously, you'd want a duration on silence and punish, but some runes could benefit greatly from being permanent without becoming OP.

Some example runes:


Might be a good idea oncus :). we could have rune worlds that benfits more side greatly too.

"On a players turn, each light alliance hero (Holy Mystical or Ancient) gain 1 mana. If enemy hero is dark alliance (Elemental, Alchamy or undead) they lose 1 mana."

or something like that :P

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Yeah, I think most runes words aren't used not because their effect isn't impactful enough or their mana cost, but because their short duration prevents them to have a meaningful effects. Just imagine how preserve could change the course of the game if it lasted until dispelled? Whole new decks could be build around it.


i like it a lot! sort of like the world effects in campaign

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Technically this would require new coding, but extending the lengths would be a good start.

Note that Perserve has been buffed in the new update.

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I think the coding would be worth it, not just for older runes, but could also open the doors for designing new runes on the idea of "perma" effects.
Yeah, preserve looks better, but not sure how easy it would be do build a deck around it since you would need a more copies because of the fact they are still relatively short on duration. However, goblin Jorma should be excited about the change.

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As for new coding - changing length of some runes to 99 wouldn't be any different from making them permanent.

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That's right. The reason I suggested permanent over that is that it looks much better aesthetically and it's much clearer way of doing it. But if coding is would be too much of a hassle, even 20 truns would be enough for most matches.