How to Git Gud: A Guide for Beginners by a Beginner

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How to Git Gud: A Guide for Beginners by a Beginner

(Disclamer: I have yet to achieve the status of "Gud")

Like all things in life, in order to succeed you need goals and a plan to achieve these goals. If you are a beginner and have found this forum post, then your goal is most likely to git gud. Herein, I will write the plan that has worked tremendously well for me after some research I did as a beginner. I myself am still a beginner, having only played for a month. However, I have made it to Epic League in Guild Wars in only a month’s time and I wanted to share with other beginners how I went about it.

The most important thing you can do at the beginning is to join a Guild. You can join a guild by simply asking Chat if there is anyone looking for a guild. If no one answers, don’t worry, just try again later. There are times when few people are on. I personally asked 3 times before I was invited into a guild. Being in a guild allows you to fight in guild wars which is the second best source of gold and gems. Each battle win nets you a certain amount of gold and war loot. War loot is the gold you are rewarded if your guild beats their guild in a round. If you do well, you can easily obtain 10k gold from each round of 36 hrs. If possible, join an academy guild because of internal promotion. The academy guild I joined was Ultimatum and I am now in the parent guild Final-Notice.

However, joining a guild is not enough. You need good and active players in your guild. As you want to git gud, you are solely responsible for your individual and guild progress. This means you have to go looking for other dedicated beginners like yourself. The best place to look for others who want to git gud is the Tournament. The tournament has three different sections, 1 green and 2 yellow. The colors represent if the event is “free” or “paid.” “Free” means you can join without tickets, while “Paid” means you need 5 tickets to join. You obtain tickets from placing in the Free or by buying them with real money. As a beginner you will be joining the Free Sealed event because Sealed is an event where everyone gets packs to make a deck from, erasing any disadvantage you have of a poor card collection. Keep your deck at the minimum card limit and include a decent amount of removal and 2 mana cost creatures. By participating, you get tickets. However, that’s not your goal. Your goal is to find other beginners that are participating in tournaments frequently. Check this by noting how frequently names appear in prior tournaments in the Recent section on the right that are guildless. You need to find at least 2-3 other dedicated players and have them join your guild. With myself and two others, we revived Ultimatum, got the other members motivated to play again, and went from Bronze to Gold in 2 seasons.


Gold is the main currency of Kingdoms and you can never have enough of it. With recent changes, Kingdoms has become a more friendly place for beginners by reducing pack prices and increasing Arena gold rewards. As a beginner, a large source of your gold and cards comes from the Training Grounds. Go through as much of the campaign as possible. Furthermore, you can obtain 7 packs from the Advanced Tutorial found in the bottom left of the training grounds. Also, you can obtain 1k gold from grinding the first node until your energy is exhausted. As energy is recovered at 1 energy every 2 min, every 1.5 hrs you will have enough energy to grind the node again. Build a haste deck with Swiftshot Rangers and Rabid Wolves to complete the grind in less than 10 min.

The Arena is the largest source of gold income in the game if you can handle it. At 15k gold every 18hrs, nothing else in the game can beat it. However, for a beginner the Arena may be a little difficult. There are 7 quests with varying rewards. 11k of the 15k gold comes from 2 main quest: 10 wins in Limited and 10 wins in Standard. Each of these two quests gives 3k upon completion and the 20 wins in Arena gives another 5k. That’s 11k if you can obtain these wins in Limited and Standard. If you can’t, just complete the other quests. If it’s proving difficult, then find down times where there are few people on and try to grind out the 10 wins against the AI. You can see who and how many players are on by typing /list into Chat.

Guild Wars is the second best source of gold income. Depending on which league you’re at, you get varying gold amounts for winning. At Bronze, you get 125 per win and around 80 per win into War Loot. As stated previously, War Loot is the reward for your guild defeating the opposing guild. If your guild wins, you get the loot. This is the main reason you want to find dedicated beginners in Tournament. Each round lasts for 36 hrs and each season lasts 12 days. There are two main strategies: you can wait until the last couple hours to fight your battles or you can overwhelm them in the beginning. Use the first strategy to obtain surprise wins.


If gold is the main currency of Kingdoms, then gems are the most precious. For a non-paying player, these can come infrequently. However, they have the most value and you can buy boxes (10x packs) and single cards you require with gems. DO NOT spend your gems frivolously. You want to save your gems for the 149 gem Light Ascending (LA) box sets, which has the best cards for the price. It will seem tempting to buy the single packs or other box sets but I will guarantee that you will regret not having bought the LA box. Save for it and don’t buy anything else. The rule of thumb is never buy anything with gems that can be bought with gold.

There are a few ways to obtain gems in training grounds. By completing nodes, there’s a small chance that a gem will appear. By completing certain node challenges (bosses), you will get 2 gems. If you get far enough in Survival challenges, you will also get gems. Also, if you complete the tenth Hero Triumph of each hero, you get gems. The Arena is the most steady supply of gems. By completing the first and fifth quests, you get 2 gems every 18 hours. Furthermore, if you battle 10 live players in Limited in a month, you obtain 10 gems and 1 of most recent pack. So if you do this for both Limited and Standard, you get 20 gems and 2 packs. Upon promotion or being in the top 3 of the league in Guild Wars, you obtain 15/20/25 gems for Bronze/Silver/Gold respectively.

Again, I cannot stress enough that you do not spend gems on anything other than the LA box starting out. DO NOT spend your gems frivolously.


There are two approaches to obtaining cards. 1) You buy packs and hope for the best. 2) You buy singles that you need. Starting out, you will indeed want to buy packs to expand your collection however after a certain point you will want to save your gold to buy singles. Or if you’re like me and have poor luck at opening packs, then you buy singles. After the recent price reduction of packs, both Eve and Rise have become quite easy to obtain at 10k gold, so beginners now can afford these packs to get more cards. Starting out, you will want to buy many 5k Core packs until you have a decent collection of at least 145/165 and multiples of certain useful rare cards. After that, you should consider buying the Eve and Rise packs. If you feel as if you’re opening the same cards over and over, then you need to start saving for singles. The Singles tab in Shop has a rotating variety of 10 cards from Eve, Rise, and Tribes with Legendaries even rotating in once in a while. Each card in this Singles sale is 1,000x the gem price in gold. Thus if a card is worth 10 gems, then you can buy it for 10,000 gold when it rotates. The rotation is every hour, so if you’re looking for a certain card, you may want to check up on it frequently.
Having a goal in mind when you’re obtaining cards is the best approach. When saving for certain cards, you will be tempted to buy packs or other singles that may not be useful with your growing horde of gold. You have to steel yourself against this temptation by choosing a card to aim for. The second to last post in this link has a very good list to follow:

These cards from Core will get you decently far in guild wars and arena:
Swiftshot Rangers
Swift Ghouls
Dwarven Battle Rig
Thunder Cat

List of cards that I’ve gotten or am aiming for:
Rejuve Potion
Realm Crusher
Echo Blast
Manacycle Wizard
Skullcrusher Giant
Fae Paragon
Raise the Guard
Fury Stoker
Firesworn Elf
Firestorm Shaman
Rolling Fire
Erratic Werewolf
Maelstrom Phoenix
Fae Combatant

I cannot stress enough the importance of the first 3 cards. In order to do well, you will have to save for the 4 Rejuves, perhaps 2-3 Realm Crushers, and guild enough for Archmage! It may seem like a considerable task but it’s well worth it.

If you’ve read this far, then you’re completely serious about gitting gud. This is the plan I used to get a decent collection and into Epic Guild Wars. I’m still a beginner myself so I’m still figuring things out but I hope this helps. Remember to always ask questions in Chat when you need to, that's how I figured most of this out. Good luck and have fun!

I'd like to thank everyone in Ultimatum, Final-Notice, TomKat, and all the people who have helped me get to where I am. I couldn't have gotten anywhere without these dear friends. Thanks!

Tldr (Too long didn’t read): Join a guild, recruit good guildmates, do training grounds and arena, get cards listed above to git gud.


Wow. great read.

Thank you for writing this down for the starting players of this community.