The Song of the Forgotten Backstory

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The Song of the Forgotten Backstory

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(Synopsis: The story of a miller's daughter named Harmony, who has been foretold to be an intregral part of forging a new peace in Euna. As did her namesake, the Matron of Songs, she seeks out Arroya in order to leverage her lack of affiliation as a means of brokering peace. All hell breaks loose as Discord tries desparately to thwart her plans.)

Legend tells of a time when the Demigods would once more reside within the Realm of Euna. The first to awaken were Justice, Advocate of all that is Righteous and True, and the Undying One, who is Corruption made manifest. Their war continued anew, sundering the lands as it had so long ago. But this is not their tale. Rather, it is the tale of a young woman who would hold the fate of her world in the palm of her hand, if only for a brief moment of history. This is the story of a well-loved maiden named Harmony, born a simple miller's daughter...