I hate those decks...

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I hate those decks...

Hero: Wiloryn
Arena: Limited


4x Weaken
4x Disarm
4x Smelt
4x Slow
4x Duplicate

4x Thought Retriever
4x Essence Mantle
4x Elder Scroll
4x Engineers Ring
2x Hero Ring
2x Compound Cube

I really hate those kind of decks. All the enemy does is weaken, disarm or slow your creatures while building up insane amounts of Gear (maybe 40 at the end of the battle. i didnt count and you can only see 20 gear on screen)
Its just slow and tedious. So i tried it myself with the above deck. if you manage to survive a few turns you become almost unstoppable. But its so boring, and honestly, i felt like a cheater! :)

edit: Anyone played Beginner recently? More and more Petrice players with the same (or slightly modified) strategy...


Very good deck. But what do you think about new gear Glue Gun.

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yeah I think most players are pro gear restrictions, I do understand gear buffs though...I hated playing shadow dagger and seeing it destroyed next turn...