The Verbannon's deck needs advice Thread

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The Verbannon's deck needs advice Thread

Rather then make a different thread every time I want deck advice, I am just going to use this one thread.

So I've been trying to think of a different strategy I can use until Monday to keep myself entertained and looking at my cards this is what I came up with. A heavy volatile deck. With volatile creatures handling both control and attack. But its not working out.

Hero is Belnir.

Fire Spawn x 4 Used to kill the volatile creatures igniting their volatile when needed. With 1 hp dies too quick to be good for anything else.

Overworked Miner x 3, honestly should be my staple card as its the only one anywhere near cost efficient. At 2 mana cost.

Air Elemental x2 in here because I ran out of ideas to place in here.

Steel beak x3 See above

Berserker gnome x4 Only possible to use for killing big monsters. What sucks about it is that at mana cost of 3, placing it more often then not hurts me more then my opponent. A Firebolt means I'm at a 1 mana loss, and if I use it it block any creature with a mana cost less then 3, then again I've lost out. Not sure what to do about that.

Demo Golem x4 Honestly just a nice card, its volatile has almost no value though.

Dwarven Battle Rig x1 Didn't have any better ideas.

Great fire elemental x1 like the firespawn.

Angelic Captain x1 just one of my two epics.

gift of the mystics x1 I have yet to draw it at any useful time.

haste x1 helps with the great fire elemental.

embrace x2, I hoped I could use it to give the creatures some emergency survability or use it on my opponent with dimensional rift.

relinquish x1, emergency mana

Return to the elements x1 Gear control

scatter ashes x3, I thougt I would have more corpses, though I put in two lightning blitzes to help with it.

lightning blitz x3. See above.

dimensional rip x1 (see embrace)

Meteor x1, reset button

hero ring x3. Why not?

essence mantle x1, no better idea.

Blaze Boots x1, one time I got this out early and it made the whole game easier.

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I need advice kept to cards and I don't have access to goblin cannon or the gear that gives units volatile.

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I replaced the scatter ashes and gift of the mystics with four firebolts. And the two lightning blitzes with an anti-air cannon and fae's charm.

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So, as I told you in the chat, scatter ashes are no good with Belnir. Gift of the mystics is useless because you are usually not going to play more than 2 cards per turn (so if you really want mana boost, use Spell link or Dirty fuel).
The problem is also that you are playing to much cards that have no really purpose with your strat based on volatile, essence mantle is slow and again you gain health with your Belnir ability. Dim rip and embrace have a good synergy, but this is really situational, and embrace is no good with volatile since your goal is to blow on your opponent creatures. Where are the other 3 Dwarven Battle Rig? It's the best volatile creature available (well until the update), unless you don't have them, there are no way not to play a full set.
You also might want to play strap bombs (eve uncommon) and Noxious golem which can have a good synergy with volatile creatures, it's flaw becoming a strategic advantage. Great fire elemental is kind of expensive and too risky to play for it's purpose in your deck imo, fire spawn might be enough. Blaze boot is too expensive imo, if you really want to haste things, some haste would be enough.

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Do you have uunys? With uunys you could use soul consume to gain health and activate volatile at the same time.

Also, splosive gnome would be a good card to use if you want volatile dmg that can be activated by the fire spawns.

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Everything suggested I don't have, I guess I'll just look for a different strategy.