Help with Belnir Buff Deck

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Help with Belnir Buff Deck

My Belnir Buff Deck seems stuck at 1650 limited and I would like help improving it.

I say buff deck because thats my main strategy. Use the "Do X to adjacent creatures" creature cards to buff each other and especially my 2/2/2s.

Here are my cards.

Black Bear, Village Guard, Air elementals x 7

These are the base creatures of my deck. I play them as soon as I can, buff them, block wit hthem, draw out firebolts with them, whatever.

Temple Guard x 2
I have these in my deck ideally to just soak up damage and block, but their low damage output is a major problem.

Temple Warrior x2. I play these when I have either ward mage or faithful worshipper out or some holy blessings in hand. They cannot be played on their own though, because at a cost of 3 with only two hp, they are easily blocked and taken out and if that happens before they can do some damage, that hurts my mana too much.

Ward Mage x2. These cards best when played early as they help stall against firebolts while I set up, mid-game though I tend to just banish them.

Ancient Being x1 A weird card. Normally what I do is play it hen I have some other cards already out to take advantage of the aoe splash right away. And if I can get him with a faithfulworshipper I can pretty much lock down my opponent's side of the field. But at a cost of 3 I hav eto be careful how I play him or lose too much mana.

Captain of the guard x2.This guard actually is used more often like I use the 2/2s up above more then anything. Pairing it up with faithful worshipper or wardmage. He protects them from physical damage, however at 2 hp he is firebolt fodder and at a cost of 3 I do not want that to happen.

Grand Summoner x1 A recent addition, I can't make anything out of this card, he isn't hard to keep alive, keeps my cards really cheap, and really helps out there, however that timid is a pain in the neck. I get him buffed defensively and then he just sits there, I keep getting locked down with him and an excessive mana quantity.

Angelic Captain x1. A solid card at 4 hp he resists even fireballs, high survivability, indestructible once buffed and the flight breaks lockdown. However at a cost of 5 it really hurts to play him and get feared.

Gift of the mystics and spellbridge x1 Just a mana card.

Cleanse x2 I got both of these crafting and they are useful for gettign rid of any number of status effects.

Purifying light x1. Like cleanses but stronger.

Firebolt x3 Both emergency removal for me and some soft creature control on my opponent's side,

holy blessing x4. The most important part of my deck, without none of my cards would survive anything to get anywhere.

siphon x2. Often very useful, though sometimes Im just holding them.

fireball x1. Anti titans, golems and swarms.

Return to the elements x1. Just my emergency gear control.

meteor x1The reset button.

Torch x2: 1 Mana to do 3 damage to undead? Only time I don't use it is if facing Another Belnir.

Hero Ring x1. Belnir has very useful hero powers.

So any any advice? I have no rise cards and limited eve cards. So core suggestions would be preferred.


less holy blessing - how often do you have a hand full of holy blessing but no creatures? More battle rig - if you don't have it, buy more core gold. Belnir has a buff every 4 turns so get that battle rig next to the ward mage and protect it and your opponent will cry. Same for venge titan next to ward mage with protect. Also take a good look at how often you use cleanse and purifying light instead of just throwing them away. People hate on grand summoner all day, but it can be good. I have never seen the opponent leave it alone - they try to kill it. This saps their mana and requires effort because of the 2 resist. Of course, don't even play it unless you play another card right after. It works best if you have a gift of the mystic before you do this. My favorite combo from my early days in limited was gift of mystic, grand summoner, venge titan and battle rig (6 mana).

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I actually do get a lot of holy blessing but no creatures. It didn't even occur to me to lessen them.


Yeah, one thing you can try is finding more ward-magey critters, like Armorsmith and Faithful Worshiper, to supply your buffs, thereby decreasing the number of buff spells you need. Plus, Belnir already gets a mini-Blessing every 4 turns.

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Also the new rare 2/3 warmonger minotaur +1 attack to adjacent creature can be very good in a Belnir deck.