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Open-Play Holy Campaign

(Removed. Inconsistant with Kingdoms Canon)

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Belnir looked around. A thoughtful cleric was scratching her chin, trying to remember any sins she may have committed. A hexlifter cleric was sitting cross legged on her chair, rolling her staff, which was soaked with sweat. A nervous guard was simply staring at the ground. The hall was ever so silent. No one wanted to come forward.

belnir was faintly annoyed. "Why would these people, of all the creatures in Euna, fear the power of the courts? They are holy in every way, dispensing justice throughout the kingdom, surely they should be brave enough to recognize their own faults, especially during this great time, the time that the undead falls."

A figure jumps up from one of the chairs at the far end of the room, near the entrance. A large man was striving toward the king's chair, his heavy boots pounding against the smooth, well kept floor. This man was an allegiant warrior. His armor was thick and his shield looked heavy, though he carried it easily.

Belnir crossed his arms. Akatril's emotions were hidden behind her helm, as they always have been.

What sins would be presented in this man's confession?




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