Dear LeumasBansu... I want to start now! (undead sample)

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Dear LeumasBansu... I want to start now! (undead sample)

The battle of Jave city
character list- This list is not complete.
Main characters
undead warlock
thrasher ghoul
angelic captain

slash ghoul
swift ghoul
stench ghoul
cerub scout

They crawled through the town, over the corpses of the fallen. They finished off those moaning in sorrow, the soldiers who could not escape. Behind them, their leader followed. It wore a deep purple cape and carried a curved blade. Amarus, the zombie warlord, walked ever so slowly. His eyes gleaming blood red, watching the ghouls ahead far ahead of him, hacking figures on the ground.

“Massster”, a voice behind him cried. Amarus turned around.
“We took half the city,” the warlock screamed, “but the holy army has sent in an angelic captain, she’s leading a platoon of cerub scouts. They already shot down our bat riders.” Amarus growled. “Call the spiteful demons.” The warlock opened his mouth slowly, dripping saliva. “The angelic captain took them out by herself.” At these words, Amarus threw his left fist in the air, the color of the fist glowing a bright ocean blue. “Summon Uunys now!”

For now.. thats it

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(Player post)

"I'd think twice before imposing on her again, Amarus," interjected a red hooded figure who emerged from some dark reccess. "It did not go well for you last time. Perhaps you will finally listen to reason and allow my archers to take to the field. After all, what good is an alliance if you will not deploy all the assets availible to you?"

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Jorma is the red hooded figure, right?

This RP board can't be dead all year. Either we use it or discard it.

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Amarus growled at the red hooded figure. "Your archers are deadly..grrr."

Amarus, cursed to a life of the undead, drains all of his energy just to think one thought. The life of an undead is pitiful compared to the other kingdoms. A life of endless moaning and eating. Even the other parts of the dark alliance, the alchemy and the elemental kingdoms, look down at the undead. Amarus fully knows that Jorma considers him to be a fool. He loathes her and her archers, but he needs to win this war.

I'm lost all my creatures that take to the sky. The holy warriors that dare fight against a hundred horrors...*throws fist into the air* live only because of their..*Pounds fist into the ground, it gleams a dark blood crimson*
He could not finish the sentence.
"Send your archers in, and make sure they will not fail."

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As soon as Amarus agreed to have Jorma's archers sent in, he went away to rest. He battled for days, feasting on the corpses of the fallen in order to keep himself awake. Now, when the battle of Jave city depended on the troops of the elemental kingdom, he laid to rest inside a bottomless pit that was prepared for him by his loyal gravediggers. Amaru's eyes were almost closed, but then they jerked open. If this battle was lost, he will surely be punished. The undead king does not forgive failure. Amarus lifted his head by an itch. His guards slowly nodded at him. "Do not fear, master."

The zombie warlord had a lot of things to fear, but his courage was raised a bit by his guard's empty words. He let his eyes closed. His sleep-deprived state will soon pass. He will return to the fight. Amarus hoped, by the time he wakes up, the angelic captain and her squads will be gone, forever. Amarus relaxed his fist as he descended into the world of dreams.

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At the same time Amarus was closing his eyes, a great explosion was set off in the north-west part of the city. The undead scattered as the dark clouds above begin to glow and turn shades of bright transparent yellow. Winged figures cloaked in a dazzling light poured out of the clouds, shooting storms of golden arrows into the undead far below. Meanwhile, somewhere outside the city boundaries, Jorma was having an intense meeting with her combat-ready archers.