Dravkas gear smash Noran wannabe

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Dravkas gear smash Noran wannabe

Many thanks to xhizt for naming this deck.

Sensible Drav decks have about 1/3 creatures, but this one does Noran-like card drawing instead.

Gear (16): 4 QDC 4 elder scroll 3 mystery sack 4 mage mantle 1 omni cloak
Draw (5): 3 deep thought 2 demonic thoughts
Fuel (11): 3 rejuve 4 charge potion 4 gift of the mystics
Haste (2): 1 bootcrafter 1 haste
Removal (6): 3 golemnify 3 (werewolf/fear/disintegrate) still working on this slot

Wins sometimes against top 20 decks, but usually loses to Jorma rush.

Manufacturing an elder scroll is sometimes amazing, it fires the QDCs, generates 1 mana, triggers Drav's passive, AND pops a card into your hand to keep you rolling.

Remember to keep hand size at 2 or 3, extra cards tend to appear in your hand due to mystery sack and feared constructs.


I've played against xhizt using this deck, it's very good indeed. Unfortunately my OP blessed champions are OP, qdc can be completely shut down by armored creatures. I think I got raged at from him for spending money on the game. Well, I did throw in about 40 bucks. But I saved a LOT by completing trialpay offers, I netted something like 800 kreds for spending only 25$. Godaddy for instance is 250 kreds for 5$, there was(not anymore) also a FREE netflix offer for 200 kreds, and 180 kreds for 5$ for Pingo. Other offers are far worse atm, but new ones do pop up. You really can get away without spending, or at least taking some nice shortcuts. I spent too much time and frustration on this game, now I feel I can relax and take it slowly and instead of using so much of my time to grind for the cards I need, I have more free time for other stuff.


you didnt play agains me using that deck, because i don't have that deck and i never used it.
i just gave a name for that deck when i was playing vs Diomedes