Multi Account Abuse

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Multi Account Abuse

This is a reminder: Use of multiple accounts to gain advantage in the game, either by generating free wins in Arenas, or by exploiting the Guild system is not tolerated. Anyone caught doing either of these actions, or anything else on the same level may face permanent ban.

Having multiple accounts is fine, using them to gain direct advantage is not.

Having a secret ghost account to avoid being dragged into guild wars or, spammed with whispers from people on your friends list when all you just want to do is grind beginner arena or, play through the campaign with a fresh account is fine.

Using those accounts to boost the rating of a single guild by rotating members in and out to guarantee 100/100 wins in a guild war, or timing matches in arenas so you face off against yourself for free wins is not.

We will be making small changes to the game over time to quell any of these exploits.