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New battle screen

I like it so far, battlefield and cards in hand looks well and makes intuitive sense.

Currently card pop-ups are too large and can often get lost off the side of the screen making it unable to read what the card is. Also, sometimes the card pop-ups get stuck and wont go away.

Would be nice if you actually had to click to make the opponents cards played screen go away. It goes away a bit too quickly and I sometimes lose what my opponent played.

The options button doesn't do anything at the moment

Could be a damage glitch. I often see little red zero damage indicators pop up when there are no opposing creatures. And I suspect but haven't been able to accurately and consistently reproduce that some damage values are off, doing more or double damage.

For future, some visual change in hero pictures would be nice, right now it's all just the same hero with slight colour variations.


For mana based hero abilities, can there be some sort of indicator on how much mana is required to use the ability?

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Just added :) you can also see the % chance for passive abilities