Arcanos Blitz - Limited

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Arcanos Blitz - Limited

I don't have a few of these cards, but I have a good idea of what I want to put in. I like blitz decks, fast play means even a loss is quick so you make gold faster.

(mana in parentheses)

(2) Enraged Elf x3
(2) Maelstrom Priestess x3
(2) Zombie Priestess x2
(3) Swift Ghoul x3
(4) Maelstrom Phoenix x1
(4) Juggernaut x2
(4) Great Fire Elemental x1
(5) Rampaging Giant x1


(0) Rejuv Potion x1
(1) Dirty Fuel x4
(1) Inner Fire x2
(2) Corpsefire x2
(2) Fire Bolt x3
(2) Disintegrate x3
(2) Elementals Boon x2
(3) Fireball x2
(3) Lightning Bolt x1
(3) Forked Lightning x2
(4) Lightning Blitz x2

Total: 40
Ice Blast has only 2 points put in it. You're almost never in a position to drain the whole 3 mana and it takes longer to charge.


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I'd switch out the Enraged Elves for Gatling Gnomes, unless you are running an elemental only deck or a Lord of Flames or two. Not sure you have enough high cost elemental creatures to warrrant 3 maelstrom priestesses. Maybe add some lightning elementals, rage invokers, and/or Tcats. Haste generally translates into more damage per turn. Molten Furyballs might just do the trick, combine with corpse explosion.


I find that firestorm works incredibly well on Arcanos, but I assume the reason you don't use it is because you've yet to get any :) Seems pretty good overall, if I played t2 Arcanos looks like the most interesting as well. Wiloryn also seems pretty fun if you were to run a deck that used Dryad of the Mist's, meaning a guaranteed epic draw from ability in limited. The others aren't my type lol.

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Revised edition:

(2) Enraged Elf x4
(2) Maelstrom Priestess x3
(3) Swift Ghoul x2
(4) Rage Invoker x2
(4) Thunder Cat x2
(4) Juggernaut x3
(4) Great Fire Elemental x1
(4) Maelstrom Phoenix x1

(0) Rejuv Potion x1
(1) Dirty Fuel x3
(2) Elementals Boon x3
(2) Fire Bolt x3
(2) Disintegrate x3
(2) Corpsefire x2
(3) Lightning Bolt x2
(3) Forked Lightning x2
(3) Puncture Blast x3

The elves are there instead of gnomes because of the priestesses. I've honestly never come across a situation where the 'no defend' has really been an issue. You can just move the elf if you really don't want to attack.

Also less enamored with lightning blitz. It's a nice opening if your opponent can't deal with it.. otherwise, it's not that great. Threw in some puncture blasts as well. I don't like corpse explosion at all, it might be alright if I wasn't limited to 8 rares. I decided that with Arcanos' passive fireball wasn't doing much for me and that lightning bolt fit the bill just as well while freeing up rare slots.

Also noticed the previous deck was a little too mana happy with 3 priestesses and 4 dirty fuels, so I got rid of one. Also, fire storm- you're right, I don't have any. I'm not sure how useful it might be. This deck has too many creatures for it to be all that useful, I think.


Good Arcanos Blitz decks are killing limited.
It's just not a fight anymore. It doesn't need a good draw, the order of the cards means virtually nothing to Arcanos. There's virtually nothing the opponent can do to slow it down, please correct me if I'm wrong on this. At least against creature blitz decks theres some defense.
I had a decent deck, QDC in the top20, but even with a perfect draw i'd struggle to get 50/50 v this, and at +3 for the average win and -21 for the average defeat it's a 1 way fall for me.


Just like Amarus decks kill beginner?

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Best defense against Arcanos Blitz decks is to be even faster in offense. Typically they include Forked Lightnings (which damages himself) and Elemental Boons (which give you more mana). Also, they typically save up their cards until they get 5 to string together with firestorm. If you can force discards (there are many rise cards that do this), it will also help.


Exactly - the only defense to Arcanos blitz is to try and out blitz it. So what sort of meta does that leave.
Answer a pretty crap one.

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Yeah, I would like to see more cards that block direct magical damage. As far as I know there is only one - Magic Ward.

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I found that using a lot of lower cost cards or really high hp cards is a good way of dealing with arcanos as well. I play Belnir and usually win vs arcanos due to beating them in the mana game. 1/1 cards like brave recruits and cards with 3 hp like temple guard force Arcanos players to spend more mana to kill your cards then you spent playing them.

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Spelllfire Arcanos variant;

(2) Maelstrom Priestess x3
(4) Juggernaut x4

(1) Dirty Fuel x2
(2) Fire Bolt x4
(2) Disintegrate x4
(2) Elemental Boon x4
(2) Brain Freeze x4
(2) Corpsefire x2
(3) Forked Lightning x4
(3) Lightning Bolt x3
(3) Fire Storm x4
(4) Master the Elements x1
(4) Maelstrom x1

..I have no idea how that would work, since I don't have a bunch of the cards, but it -looks- interesting.


I'd say 4x master the elements and 4x channels would be better, drawing a firestorm and two master the elements, and a channel in first hand... possibility of a turn 0 kill... observe...

Starting hand, Channel, 2x MTE, 1 FS. Turn0 Mana: 5
Play firestorm, 2 damage, 2 mana left.
Play Channel, 1 damage (from firestorm) 5 mana left.
Play MTE, 2 damage draw Channel and Forked Lightning, 3 mana left (costs 4, returns 2)
Play Channel, 1 damage, 6 mana left.
Play MTE, 2 damage, draw random ele card and Forked Lightning, 4 mana left.
Play Channel, 1 damage, 7 mana left.
Play Forked Lightning, 5 damage, 4 mana left.
Play Forked Lightning, 5 damage, 1 mana left.
out of cards.
Summary: 19 damage, killing any hero but baha (abba?)
Damage to self: 10... yeah i know dangerous... but worth it if it works.
Humiliation level against a tier 3: extreme.
Rage level from anybody: extreme.
Likelihood of drawing these cards: I've done it or something like it about 2 times in t2 standard, and once vs. jorma in t3 standard. So low... very low... but worth it.


of course, this is for standard... in limited, 2 MTE is probably better than having a maelstrom, for the above reasons :P