Tier 3 heroes comparison

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Tier 3 heroes comparison

So I was trying to decide which T3 hero I wanted to buy and level first since it was a significant time investment. So, being the geek that I am I wanted to see some numbers which lead to me assign values to abilities and then that lead to making a spreadsheet. Basically I wanted a break down of each abilities power level compared to what turn we were on, combined with other abilities, and flexible enough to make changes as the metagame shifted. This would allow me to adjust numbers here and there as my opinion changed on abilities or as new cards came out to skew things to favor different effects. I ended up spending more time than I expected as I got a little carried away on the spreadsheet. So I am going to share it with you all so the community can use it as well.

Here is the link on google docs:


You can adjust the numbers as you like to fit your needs. I would start with messing with the blue fields as they are the numbers that determine the power level of each ability. I found this really helpful for me to compare approximate effective power levels on a given turn vs a specific hero. For example turn 11 is very important vs Bahamut because turn 12 is when he does 10 damage and can kill the other hero.

If you don't like some numbers on the sheet feel free to change them! Although I ask that you copy it to your own account and edit the copy so others can use the unaltered sheet also. This is very easy to do. Just click on File => make a copy. You must be logged in to do this. And it will copy it into your personal google docs.


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Are t3 heroes, cost 100k, worth buying?
The stats is definetely better than t2, but the skills seem crapier
You could've bought many gold packs and build a much better deck with that 100k

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I bought and leveled up Akatril and I am quite pleased. The abilities are quite powerful IMO. Being able to put down and endless supply of 2/2 fliers for 3 mana and then being able to give all of them +2 attack makes for some blowout turns. When I was picking a T3 hero I was looking for something that can burst onto the board and win with flashback (take an extra turn). Akatril fills that role quite well. Note that I purposefully left her holy summon at rank 1 so the mana cost of the angels didnt jump to 5 mana for a 3/3.

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I have abaddon and can say something that gives him extra strength is the ability to really be played with any kind of deck. he can always make use of his abilities in any deck. where as Akatril and Bahamut tend to be focused on there own kingdoms. Likewise Abaddon's strength increases depending on what the enemy can do creature wise. i love when bahamuts summon sky breakers haha. though against War smith gear decks or mystic qdc draw decks he tends to be weaker, since they usually dont through down big creatures to steal. i personally think depending on your cards is which T3 you should get. i have like none of the good rares/epics (sky breaker, qdc, heros rings, etc) so Abaddon fit well for stealing everyone elses good rares while i just play a more defensive creature clear deck in epic. i love beating people with like 8 epics in a deck when i have only a few rares.

ps got to 10th with 8 rares and 1 epic card in my deck in epic arena.