*v0.9.1.5* Dev Notes

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*v0.9.1.5* Dev Notes

v0.9.1.5 Dev Notes

Pushed @ 2:20pm EST 12/14/12

New Promo Card!

It's been a while since one of these, but to celebrate the release of The Hobbit, we made a new LEGENDARY promo card that will be available for gold or gems! To unlock: You must place in the top 10 in the rotating arena, once. Gold price will be 250,000 and Gem will be 150.


- Fixed an issue with purchasing new Bard bundle and not unlocking the Dragon bundle properly
- All bundles are now visible, use the arrow to cycle through them
- Can now see holiday cards in the collection under promo section

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I really want this one, but need to do the top 10 rotating thing. How long will this promo be up for sale?

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Its going to be a regular promo card added to the line up :)