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I'm using 7 essence when crafting. Only 1 essence more and you get a 1 in 10 shot at an uncommon vs 1 in 20.


I just craft commons too, 5 essence each. I have 2k essence and counting... I'm assuming that somewhere down the road I'll be needing lots of essence and have too many stones like everyone else? Haven't hit that point yet lol, I'm getting way too many damned essences :p But hey, once I get the crafting level I need -- I can pop 200-300 essences and they'll disappear quickly so meh :)


meseary wrote:from where to get essence?
1- scrapping common cards or above.
4- Campaign: there are 2 wells that give you random essence each day, there is a merchant node that sells essence ...

I found one well node /w essence in willow of souls but not the second one yet.
any other well nodes I've discovered are only pops up energy. :)
I'm curious where's the another well gives some essence, not energy.

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inside the old capital city


Oh my goodness... how can I missed that one? lol :p
Thanks, meseary!! :D

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Oh damn i missed that one too and i totally forgot about the search node after getting the first card.

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Did they add that after the fact? Don't remember seeing it when I went through there the first time...


It was there since the new campaign first came out.


(this is probably more of a suggestion)

i'm just starting out, but i dont really care too much for the crafting system. i think the very least you should get 1 essence per destroyed card. more than a few times i've scrapped 2-4 cards and got literally 1 essence out of it. to me there should be at least a minor reward (1 essence) for destroying your card.

also, and i could be wrong, but it seems like leveling is based on card crafted? for example, i craft 1 card with 10 essence, i get +1xp for crafting level. i craft 1 card with 20 essence, i still only get +1xp.
seems like the amount of essence should somehow factor into xp gain too.

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You have a 50% chance of getting one essence when scrapping commons. Crafting experience is based on the rarity of the card you craft. A good strategy is to craft a bunch of 5 essence commons until you raise your crafting level and then try crafting cards you need.


i'm sitting on 230+ stones on level 8 crafting with no essences...
i hope they add some stone/essence exchange


craft all your non-EVE/Rise stones with 5 essences. Best XP/essence in the game and the other stones are less useful. Or keep one of each or something.


I'm a new player playing campaign with Wilrius currently. I haven't got into crafting yet and my card pool consists of only several core sliver and some core gold packs. My best cards right now are Demolition Golems and a Pegasus.

Which kingdom do you guys recommend me to craft? I'm planning to read all the core cards and decide which class has better cards overall so I have more chance of getting better cards through crafting. Maybe someone can give me a few pointers.

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I recommend elemental, they have the best cheap removal spells, which are REALLY good for beginners


Thanks :)


Before you craft elemental, be aware that Petrice is the best T1 Hero and can't use Elemental cards.

Princess Heartburn

Thought I'd post an update on my trek to Lvl 6 (the first level where you can guarantee at least a rare). It took me about 6 weeks to get from Lvl 5 to Lvl 6, under the following constraints:

1) starting with no stones
2) obtaining most of my stones from the two-a-day available from campaign nodes, plus a handful from scrapping uncommons/rares (I don't buy a lot of core packs anymore, so I don't have much to scrap atm)
3) saving all Eve, Rise, and Spooky stones for later
4) using 7 essence per craft
5) logging in every day, or almost every day, to grab the campaign stones

I think that I will switch toward crafting with the max essence (180 at Lvl 6) now that I am much more likely to get a card I want. (Sadly, my first Lvl 6 max craft was a niche card I have no use for - Sylph Mindsapper).