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General Feedback

Some quick thoughts/feedback based on some early play testing I've done.

First, why reinvent the wheel? I played Magic the Gathering many years ago and this game has a very similar feel to it. So, if there's a game already out there, why copycat it? I don't really see anything in particular that really sets Kingdoms apart from Magic and/or other CCG games out there (although I confess I am not a CCG aficionado).

Deck construction, maybe swap the deck with the cards available. I found after getting a few packs, I have way more cards available than can go in a deck, I spend more time scrolling back and forth between available cards than I do anything else.

Navigation, I spend a lot of time whacking the back button moving from screen to screen to screen. Maybe a top or side or bottom navigation bar so I can easily go from battles to decks to shop to wherever I want to go.

Game play, right now seems kinda slow and uninteresting. Not sure if simply adding animation of my cards battling my opponents cards would make the more interesting or just ad to the time each round takes. Seems a bit methodical right now.

Battle: not sure if this is by design or not, but with only 3 spots to play creatures, the middle game seems to drag with spots taken up by cheap early cards and I'm waiting for them to die so I can play some bigger badass cards.

Farming, I tried replaying a quest that I competed to farm some gold to be able to afford new packs. I beat the battle but didn't win any gold. I'm about 75% the way through the dark campaign using mostly common cards with a few uncommons and facing opponents using gold and silver cards. Makes it difficult to win and without a way to farm, I don't have a way to get more and better cards.

Gems: This is a scary one for me and something that would make me not play this game. I clicked the buy gems screen and saw the top gem amount of $200. I very much enjoy strategy games and ones where I have to pit my intellect against my foes. But against someone willing to drop $200 on an online game, doesn't matter how good my skill is, he's just going to trounce me each and every time. Here's my theory on spending money on games, I can drop 40-60 on an Xbox game and play it non-stop as much as I want. Generally a good xbox game will entertain me for minimum a month to about 2 months (3 for a *really* good game). Or I can spend $1-3 and get a game for my iphone. Generally these games dont' last as long to play, but then again I only play them for a few minutes at a time throughout the day. Bluntly, I might be willing to spend $10-40 an online game that promises good game play, but I won't even get started on playing a game where I can be easily beaten by someone who's willing to drop $200 on a game. I look at $200 as the better part of 6 months excitement on my xbox, it's just not worth it to me to spend that kind of cash on an online game.

Quick battle: I clicked this and found I was playing an AI with the same deck? Not sure if that was intentional or not, but found it kinda odd.

Zero mana cards: give me a bunch of those and I'll create an unbeatable deck. I remember back in early MtG days they had these type of cards and the ended up getting banned since they were game breakers. Simply put I'd fill a deck with free mana cards and some big powerful high cost creatures and thump my opponent quickly. Non damage carry over to hero may serve to mitigate this, game play will tell though.

Overall though, I'm enjoying playing this game and look forward to playing more rounds and battles and seeing what kind of killer decks I can create.


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Great feedback and suggestions so far ADB.

What we're really going for to differentiate Kingdoms is the accessibility and speed of the game. Most CCG games, especially Magic, matches can go on for quite some time. We're looking to have battles that take no more than a minute or so to complete - the hero progression is something new to this genre as well that should make it stand out.

To answer a few more of your comments:

Farming - Right now there is only the one mode, we're looking at adding a few other modes (difficulty, challenges) etc to the campaign battles to spice it up. There will also be 4 more campaigns coming down the pipe shortly.

Gems - valid point, but we're hoping the campaigns and ladder variety should offer enough play to cover all budgets of players.

Quick Battle - right now it just loads a random AI battle, it will be hooked up to load a random match where you can earn gold but no rating changes, using your active deck.

There should be a new deck manager up today, I'd like to hear your thoughts on it!

Thanks for the feedback and keep it coming!