Card Design contest #1 - Finalists!

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Card Design contest #1 - Finalists!

After an astounding number of entries into our Rune Word Design contest we are ready to move on to stage 2. We picked our three favorite cards out of the the dozens that you, the players, suggested and now we are presenting them to you to pick the final winner!

First we wish to acknowledge the difficulty we had to narrow this down to three. Many of the other suggestions was very strong designs as well and are certain to influence future rune word designs.

If you want to vote head on over to our Facebook page: and cast your vote! Stick around in this thread to discuss the cards.

Check below for the final three!

Name: Bane, Scourge, Plague, or Contagion - pick the one you like best :-)
Mana Cost: 2
Turn Duration: 6
Card Text: Heroes can't gain HP.

In the designers words:
“Main Uses:
- Will make your opponent think twice about laying down his blessed champ without the +3 bonus.
- Prevents your opponent from gaining HP from rejuve or health potions.
- Dark Pact becomes only half effective.
- Timed correctly, it can stall either Uunys or Belnir from gaining HP from consume soul or divine burial respectively.
- Blocks essence mantles from working for the duration of the rune word.

Reason this is a great card - With Rejuve and blessed champ as two of the most powerful cards in the game, it provides a counter to both without needing to nerf either one. Secondly, any card that makes matches resolve faster is a good thing in my opinion.”

Name - Convalescence
Mana Cost: 4
Turn Duration: 4
Card Text: At the beginning of each player's turn, they gain life equal to the number of cards in their hand, then mill that many cards from their deck.

In the designers words:
“This is a neat little rune with a powerful, versatile effect - it can be used defensively to gain a lot of life quickly (but with a heavy price) or offensively to burn through the other player's deck or scare them into dumping their entire hand.”

Name: Potence
Mana Cost: 3
Turn Duration: 4
Card Text: When a hero would suffer damage, instead they mill X cards from their deck, where X is the amount of damage that would have been suffered.

In the designers words:
“Why is this a good card? Well-- Mill and Deckdeath were added for some reason. Those concepts are going to need to be supported somehow, otherwise they'll just become a gimmick, and this is a runeword that will support those new concepts. Note that any damage will trigger it, regardless of it's source, so direct damage spells become mill spells essentially. Additionally, it's not just good for forcing another player to deck out-- it can also be used to shield your own hero from damage, albeit at the cost of some cards from the top of your deck. This can give combo or control some time to get working again, and find time to establish a lockdown. It's not a perfect answer, but losing options is always better than just plain losing. And lastly, it's a threat-- the kind of card that every time it comes down against you, you're going to have to rethink what you do and how you're going to win. You may have had your opponent on the ropes, you may have even been one turn from taking their last HP-- but at least for a couple of turns, you're going to have to keep up the pressure or momentum may quickly shift.”