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Pain Ricochet
Cost: 3
Duration: 2
On each Hero's turn, that hero loses 1 HP.
Whenever a creature dies, extend duration of this runeword by 2.

Aggressive runeword that deals damage to both heroes equally. The mechanics of this card allows you to set it up in a turn where you expect some creatures to die in combat for extended duration. Also can be used to "sort of" protect your creatures in aggro decks, because if your enemy starts killing them, the duration will be longer and it would deal more damage.

The main potential for this card are creature based decks that are well protected and can take the damage themselves ( Bahamut, Abaddon ).

It has a good synergy with reassemble - cos it will extend the duration twice as much.
Cards that work well against this runeword are disable-like spells that dont kill the creature ( fear, slow, disarm, pacify ).


Sinkin' Ship
Cost: 4
Duration: 8
On each hero's turn, the opponent and all of his creatures are dealt 1 magic and 1 physical damage. If the opponent has a 1 mana creature on the field, it gets destroyed (while not leaving a corpse) to prevent all of that damage.
(Small objects are predestined to fix a leakage)

This card is fun, while being fair.

It encourages the use of two neglected card types:

  • Runeword cards (As this is a pressure card, Torture being the only one in the game at the time being, players are more encouraged to use other runeword cards in their decks to overwrite Sinkin' Ship.)
  • 1 mana creatures, which are seldomly used (Relentless Bones may be an exception)

I figured that this card would synergize too well with reassemble or Lightning Blitz, so it's dependant on the sacrificed card's mana cost and not on an attack or health of 1.
Also, I made it that the destroyed 1 mana creature doesn't leave a corpse, so that every turn there is a chance to prevent the damage dealt by Sinkin' Ship. If it left a corspe, then you whould either need to pay 2 mana to remove it which might be too much, or you would need to keep another slot free to alternate over the two, in which case you have more slots occupied by sacrificial creatures then by creatures that need sacrificing for, which would also be odd.
Furthermore I chose the opponent's turn to be the turn where the damage is dealt to you. If the damage was dealt to you during your own turn, it would be too easy for your opponent to kill the 1 mana creatures you put out for sacrificing.

In comparison to Torture, which is also a rare card, this card's effects seem fair. While torture deals 1 damage to all creatures and players every turn, Sinkin' Ship deals 2 damage every second turn which may be even prevented. Cost is the same and Duration is increased by 2, which is justified, because each player should be able at least once to prevent all damage from Sinkin' Ship.


Cost: 6
Duration: 4
Everytime a creature dies, adjacent creatures get a copy of all its abilities.
(the card is about creatures' mutation)

It would make creatures' placement even more strategic and could lead to awesome combinations of abilities.


Let's Be Friends
Cost: 1
Duration: 1
Card Text: You can only play this card when you have no creatures on your side of the field. Take control of 1 of your opponents creature cards until the end of the turn.

This card would be good because it gives you a decent defense play when you are unable to draw any creatures.


Name: Ring-a-ring-a-roses
Mana Cost: 4
Turn Duration: 6
Card Text: On enter:remove all corpses and put a dancer with 1/2 in each empty slot. At the beginning of each players turn all creatures move one slot clockwise. Creatures can change their owner this way.

Why this is a good card:
It´s a funny card. It´s a fair card. It´s a strong card. And you may wish to put some music on, while it is in effect...
With the right timing it can be a very good card, as you can have some good creatures from your opponent on your side for 1 or 2 attacking turns. The summoned dancers give the player -who hopefully looses at least one very good creature- some time to react.
Does any player want to kill one of the "stolen" creatures? Or does he better wait until it comes back on his side?



On your turn: Puts a creature (of your choice) in a random spot with a power of 1/1, 1/2, 2/1, or 2/2.
This card could really change the tides of a battle and make it very hard on your opponent to try and block any incoming attacks.

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Traitor Run
2 mana
Duration 6
On draw phase draw one card and mill one card from opponents deck instead of drawing from your own

Mill, strategy disruption...epic stealing :), plus just plain fun


Cost : 3
Duration : 1

As long as Equilibrium is active, all cards are freed from their allegiance to a kingdom, and work as unaligned cards.

With good timing this card can :
1) break an opponent lethal combo based on a precise kingdom
2) allow you to perform a combo that would be forbidden normally (for example targetting a dark alliance card with a spell exclusive to light alliance)

short duration because forbidden combos are strong => musn't last too long
and because if you breaks all your opponents combos for several turns it's just lame and overpowered.


Gods Protection
Cost: 2
Duration: 3
Creatures cant be affected by abilities or spells.

- multifunctional use
- easy to cast
- currently we lack card that would provide protection against spells

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feast for the crows
cost: 3
duration: 4

Creatures can be played/come into play (from abilities) in corpse occupied slots, if a creature is played in this way it gains +1 attack and +1 health.

The new corpsecraft ability is great and as of now the only card that can use it is really hard to get and this mimics it for every creature. This will let normal creatures or even things like illusionist or drillbot tokens come in on top of corpses. It's cheap enough to play and still get some creatures out the same turn and it gives both players a couple of turns to play with it. Also this will allow for a different type of corpse interaction besides healing/damage.


Name: Unstable power
Possible art: Some ancient or angelic creature struggling to cast some spell
Cost: 2 mana
Duration: 2 turns
Effect: Each time hero uses his ability mill X cards from his deck. X equals amount of charges that ability has. Maximum of 4 cards can be milled.
Why it is "good" for the game:
a) Its new card for upcoming mechanic.
b) It is not "hard counter" since players still can activate their abilities.
c) It forces a decision on player, should i use my ability now? Or should i wait for one-two turns? Can i afford losing 2-4 cards from my deck?
d) Due to short duration and low mana cost player who uses this card can use up his abilities and turn this card into purely offensive card. I think lots of people are afraid to use rune words since most of them will end up hurting you too(more or less) while this card with decent preparation would have no negative impact on you(asides of paying 2 mana).
e) It is a slight buff to Relinquish(and similar type cards if you wanted to release them), i can't use my abilities without hurting myself? Fine i'll just convert charges into mana so at least they are not wasted.
f) Amount of milled cards could be obviously be lowered if it proves to be too strong.
h) Oh and i think its fairly simple mechanic and easy to understand.


Possible art: Gentleman Drav giving a handshake to another unimportant hero, like they're totally cool with what's going down in a gentleman-ly way.
Cost: 3 mana
Duration: 6 turns
Effect: Players draw cards from their opponent's deck instead of their own. On play, draw a card.
Why it's freaking awesome:
a) Creates new strategies; not only should your deck be built with this card in mind, but the game's strategy changes as a completely new element is introduced (think having to play around ab's HR)
b) Creates a fun mix-up in the game as Baha tries to play like Jorma, and vice versa.
c) Players with little to no epics can be a wallet warrior for a few short turns, if they're used to always facing them.
c) Balanced, because it's bilateral drawing.
d) Breaks out of the standard mold of how cards work (like so many people's runes here state) which this game needs. There's only so much deal damage/heal that can be put into the game.
f) Sounds fun as hell, and gentleman drav would love playing a card like this.


Rune of Confusion
Cost: 4
Duration: 4
While this card is in effect, every time a creature deals damage or a spell card is played, deal 1 damage to that player or creature.

This could be great for creature spamming decks. It would also weave out Uunys ressurect to even out a battle. Unaligned would be virtually unaffected by it, as unaligned is so versatile that it could easily play gear like essence mantle to negate the anti-spell effect. Thanks for considering my ideas guys. :)


Name: Masquerade Party
Mana Cost: 4
Turn Duration: 6
Card Text: Creature enter play with the opposite kingdom faction. Except for the unaligned creature.
Why its good?
You can create a new cross-breed combo like undead+holy for bulking aggro deck.

Princess Heartburn

Name: Mourn
Mana Cost: 2
Turn Duration: 6
Card Text: On each hero's turn: remove all corpses. Each hero gains 1 HP, 1 Charge, or 1Mana per corpse removed this way.

Why this is a good card:
It´s only fitting that corpses are on everyone's mind this week. I'm sure it has everything to do with the holiday and nothing to do with Phoenix ;)

I like 2/6 for the cost/duration - that makes it similar to Powerless, which is one of the few Rune Words that currently sees use. No corpses for 3 turns is too slanted against the corpse-dependent heroes, though, hence the compensation.

P.S. for possible card art, picture the Dia de los Muertos processions that will occur next weekend across many parts of Latin America. If you've never seen pictures of the many colorful, freaky masks, google it; it's a real trip.


Cost: 4
Duration: 5
Each Hero skip their drawing phase. Instead of that they draw up the last card from their graveyard.

This card can be used variously. You can play a card twice or return the last two etc. Of course the other player gets the same edge so it should be played tactically. (Note: of course other cards which make the player draw are coming from the deck, this runeword only alters the draw phase)


Contest is now closed! Stay Tuned for the voting starting on Monday! Thank you everyone for your submissions!


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