Kingdoms Card Design contest #1

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Kingdoms Card Design contest #1

Presenting Kingdoms CCG's very first card design contest! Think you have to chops to design an awesome card to be seen by all in Kingdoms? Now is your chance to prove it! The first Kingdoms CCG card design contest is now on. This time the focus is on Rune-words.

The card we are looking for is a single rare quality, unaligned Rune-word. It's effect should be fair but powerful and follow the basic design principle of current Rune-words in the game. Key factor's we're looking for are: Is this card fun to play? Is it balanced for both players? Does it fit the flavor of the game?

Use the following template to submit your ideas.

Mana Cost:
Turn Duration:
Card Text:
Why you think this is a good card:

So let out your inner card designer! Lets see what you can come up with!

Contest Rules:

  • To submit, just reply to this thread with your entry.
  • Only one entry per person. If you change your mind or idea you can always just edit your post.
  • Please only post once in this thread.
  • The deadline for submission is Friday, October 26th.
  • Final voting will start on Monday, October 29th and end on October 31st.
  • Antic staff will pick the final 3 designs. They will then be voted upon by the community.
  • Players whose cards get picked to go to voting in the final three will have 40 gems each awarded to their account.
  • The Winner will receive a free limited edition (gold text) version of their card.
  • Please keep all discussion to the discussion thread here Any post in this thread that is not a submission will be deleted.
  • Cards you have suggested before in the Card Suggestions forums may be submitted to this contest.
  • Antic retains the right to edit the final card as needed before it is added to the game.
  • Grrwaaa
    Grrwaaa's picture

    Mana: 2
    Duration: 6

    Before the draw phase, mill the top epic card from your deck.

    This can suppress bad things before they happen to you and it plays with the new mill feature. Since it mills from the top, it will make it much less likely that a player draws an epic card on their turn.

    I begged others to submit this one, because I liked pain, but no one did. I think it is a little better than the pain one (which could easily be an artifact instead).

    Fever's picture

    Ghost Town
    Mana: 2
    Duration: 4
    All creatures have Dust.

    This rune would be extremely good to counter cards with reborn effects (I won't hint at Phoenix!), corpses play and to negate stacked reassemble armies.
    Also, it can be a good defensive card that allows the player to clear his own field faster and place new blockers when needed.


    Mana: 4
    Duration: 4
    Creatures enter play with slow 2

    Repeated from a thread in Card Ideas. Consider interaction with Furious Revival and Phoenix. With good timing, this will disrupt opponent's creature assault.

    cheche19's picture

    Name: Exchange
    Mana Cost: 4
    Turn Duration: 6
    *I didn't found the font used in the game cards, so i used "Trajan pro" btw the game would look way better with this font...*

    * Note: the image is illustrative (ooh really!?) .. haha, instead of the man in the suit Could be a hero or something, and instead of credit cards would be 3 cards of the game. (is the closest picture I found what I was looking for)

    Effect: On every turn, player draw one card like always but another random one is send to a chest in the center of the game, then if the rune finish the 6 turns it would be 3 cards of each player in the chest... so each player pick one card of his opponent to discard then a random one of the not discarded cards go to your actual hand and the other one is send to the bottom of your deck.

    *Recap: so when u play this rune actually you lose 1 card and "swap" other 2 with your opponent, one of them is send to the bottom of your deck.. so it would be so hard to play that one (only in a long match or if u have few cards when the rune is played), but u get the other one in your actual hand, same for your opponent.

    1) If another rune word is played before this one finish all the cards in the chest return to their controller hand in a random position (i mean no bottom or top of the deck).

    2) This would be so fun to play and isn't an advantage for any hero. It's balanced. You get 2 cards from opponents as your opponent get two of yours.

    3) When the rune is finish you have 15 seconds to choose the card to discard, if you dont click any card the discarded one would be random.


    Name: Toll
    Mana: 2
    Duration: 4
    Effect: Any time a card is banished or discarded, hero gains 1 mana and loses 1 health.

    Why?: Counters cards which force a hero to discard. Can be used in combo with reclaim for a nice effect, and increases the mana gained from banishing cards. Can also be used in situations where one hero holds few cards in hand while the other has many in order to gain a mana advantage. Doesnt benefit noran so much considering they tend to banish cards alot, meaning they will end up losing health to counter act the mana gain they recieve. With this in mind it still remains effective for all heros yet not overpowered for noran qdc decks. Might even be used to counter noran decks in some cases.

    HOLYwood's picture

    Name: Cement
    Mana Cost: 3
    Turn Duration: 6
    Card Text: Creature cards can not be moved.

    Why you think this is a good card: It's useful for every Hero, Can be used to surprise the opponent, The "summon" ability's of the hero's are useless, Creatures can not flee from their opposing enemy,

    Here's a picture:


    Name: Fog
    Mana Cost: 3
    Turn Duration: 4
    Effect: All creatures are unblockable.

    Why is this a good card?
    This card would give aggro decks a great killswitch against stall decks that use Illusionist or many chump blockers. You put down your Rig, or Great Fire Elemental, or whatever big hitter you prefer, and follow it up on the next turn with Fog. BLAM! Massive damage right past those smug Fleshbags and Illusion tokens. But it's not completely unstoppable, as the enemy has a chance to lay down their big boys and take a swing too. Because of this risk/reward scenario, it encourages sculpting your hand and playing strategically.


    Name: mind split

    mana cost: 1
    Turn duration: 2
    Card Text: each time you play a spell copy it.

    why do you think this is a good card: double draw, double maelstorm, double stomp, this card is fun to play that's why you have to choose it !


    Name: Insanity
    Mana Cost: 6
    Turn Duration: 4
    Text: On each hero's turn: that hero draws 2 cards, discards 1 random card, and mills 3.

    I think this could be a fun card, especially with the new win condition of "decking the opponent out." It adds a lot of randomness to the game and can create some interesting combos. (ie: quickdraw cannon; or cards in the future that can fetch cards in the discard pile.)


    Name: fertile winds
    Mana Cost: 5
    Turn Duration: 4
    Card Text: Mana cost of all cards is reduced to 2
    Why you think this is a good card: Broken? Maybe. But it applies to both players so i think its fair. It would allow for a good battle of the beasts. Those 6-8 casting cost creatures seem to rarely get played unless they are from Baha's ability.

    jerkface58's picture

    Name:Quick Sand
    Mana Cost:4
    Turn Duration:4
    Card Text: For each action you make, your hero looses one health

    Why you think this is a good card: let me first clarify that actions would include and are not limited to moving creatures, switching to defense, playing and drawing cards, etc.

    This would be amazing!! It could totally be a game changer in a lot of different situations and should be very entertaining to see how people deal with it.
    Another aspect is that its an interactive card. Most rune-wards do a set ability while this can do 2-x amount of damage.

    t3a6ag's picture

    Name: Uncertainty
    Mana Cost: 3
    Turn Duration: 6
    Card Text (I'm not sure if this is the clearest way to say it): When a creature would deal damage, it instead deal random damage from 0-X where X = the creatures attack.

    Why this card is great: It would be an amazing card to use defensively if you are up against 3 creatures to limit the damage they deal to you. It can also be used to give smaller creatures a better chance versus the big guys. It would be fun to play and could be a game changer but there is a risk that it could turn out badly for you.

    lastczarnian's picture

    Duration: 4
    Effect: At the begining of each Hero's turn one random creature is switched with a random creature the opposing Hero controls. If a hero only has one creature, control of that creature is switched anyway.

    Why? Random effects are fun. Seriously this could open up a lot of options for interesting decks that use a wide variety of creatures. It could also benefit control decks that do not always have the best "attack" based creatures.


    Name: Eternal Fire
    Mana Cost: 3
    Turn Duration: 6
    Card Text:
    Each time a non-flying creature initiates an attack, it loses 1 life to bypass the fire.

    Why you think this is a good card:
    It is an unaligned Rune-word and so it is built to do damage that no creatures can resist.
    It is particularly great to prolong a battle and counter rusk deck. It promotes the use of more heavy damage units. It will have significant effect to the current decks.

    Impact to different heros:
    Akatril: Neutral
    Noran: Positive as it helps him to survive longer.
    Bahamut: Positive, same reason and for the skill virtuous summon.
    Abaddon: Natural
    Jorma: Negative, low health + haste creates surfer the most from this.
    Dravaks: Positive, prolonged battle to summon construct and gear based.

    Kensu's picture

    Name: Burst of Power
    Mana Cost: 2
    Turn Duration: 4
    Card Text: While this Rune word is in play all abilities charges are set to zero and cannot change. When this Rune word expires all abilities are charged to full.

    Why you think this is a good card:
    Reason one; mana cost is two. A big reason that rune words are not used very often is because the cost for the effect is far too little.

    Reason two; it has an immediate impact on the board that can be felt by both players and is an interesting game state.

    Reason three; When this card expires it also has an impact on the board so that when it is removed it creates an interesting game state.

    Reason four; This can be used offensively by an aggressive deck (read Jorma) to buy two turns to make
    a kill that they are close to and...

    Reason five; ...conversely it can be used by a slower deck (read Bahamut) to trigger it's abilities sooner. It all depends on when this card is played. If it is played early it favors the longer charge up heroes, and if played late it favors the shorter charge up heroes. This makes a highly playable card that can be used by a wide variety of decks and makes a significant impact on the board.

    Reason six; The person who plays the card gets the benefit first if the rune word is not broken.

    Reason Seven; it promotes interaction. The person who did not play the card can break the effect early to gain the upper hand from the card.

    Reason eight; it combos very well various cards.

    Xeromaus's picture

    "Boiling Rage"
    5 cost
    5 turns

    Creatures ignore negative attack status effects (pacify/timid/weak/etc). When opposed or on any damage to creature, increases it's attack by one (may be for the duration or permanent).

    Status effects could still be applied, just ignored for the duration of the rune-word. Seems a good idea to introduce another way to counter pacify, and changes the mechanic of pacify defenses (Having 3 enemy creatures pacified does not immediately remove the possibility of being attacked). After the duration of the Rune-word, applied status effects resume.

    CleverNameHere's picture

    3 Cost
    4 Turns

    When a hero would suffer damage, instead they mill X cards from their deck, where X is the amount of damage that would have been suffered.

    Why is this a good card? Well-- Mill and Deckdeath were added for some reason. Those concepts are going to need to be supported somehow, otherwise they'll just become a gimmick, and this is a runeword that will support those new concepts. Note that any damage will trigger it, regardless of it's source, so direct damage spells become mill spells essentially. Additionally, it's not just good for forcing another player to deck out-- it can also be used to shield your own hero from damage, albeit at the cost of some cards from the top of your deck. This can give combo or control some time to get working again, and find time to establish a lockdown. It's not a perfect answer, but losing options is always better than just plain losing. And lastly, it's a threat-- the kind of card that every time it comes down against you, you're going to have to rethink what you do and how you're going to win. You may have had your opponent on the ropes, you may have even been one turn from taking their last HP-- but at least for a couple of turns, you're going to have to keep up the pressure or momentum may quickly shift.

    Pseunomix's picture

    Name: Flux
    Mana Cost: 2
    Turn Duration: 4

    Card Text:
    Creatures enter play with 1 additional random ability

    Why you think this is a good card?:
    I think playing this card would be a great way to jazz up combat. Its not too overpowering, and use for it could be viable for any deck or arena type. I also think this card would be fun to use because its effects are unpredictable.


    Name: Neutral Field
    Mana Cost: 4
    Turn Duration: 6
    Card Text: On enter remove all abilities from creatures in play. Creatures lose all abilities on enter and cannot gain abilities.

    Removes haste, armor and similar buffs as well as pacify, poison, weaken...
    Also stops Phoenix revive+haste+flying, Illusionist, Blessed Champion's heal+regen+armor, etc.

    Unlike not-so-popular Recoil this card allows you to play creatures but without their effects. Could be comboed with creatures with drawbacks like Hell Hound or Great Fire Elemental.

    I have account on Kongregate and my account name is XhizT

    meseary's picture

    Name: Cemetery Revival
    Mana Cost: 3
    Turn Duration: 4
    Card Text: On enter/on each turn: Any corpse on the field turns to a 1/1 skeleton

    a good way to make a better stalling deck and also a great way to counter Phoenixes (which everyone is having a problem with), Jormas Ability and Abbadons ability.

    markmistr's picture

    Name: Bane, Scourge, Plague, or Contagion - pick the one you like best :-)
    Mana Cost:2
    Turn Duration: 6
    Card Text: Heroes can't gain HP.

    Main Uses:
    - Will make your opponent think twice about laying down his blessed champ without the +3 bonus.
    - Prevents your opponent from gaining HP from rejuve or health potions.
    - Dark Pact becomes only half effective.
    - Timed correctly, it can stall either Uunys or Belnir from gaining HP from consume soul or divine burial respectively.
    - Blocks essence mantles from working for the duration of the rune word.

    Reason this is a great card - With Rejuve and blessed champ as two of the most powerful cards in the game, it provides a counter to both without needing to nerf either one. Secondly, any card that makes matches resolve faster is a good thing in my opinion.


    Name: Fulminate
    Mana Cost: 3
    Turn Duration: 6
    Card Text: Each turn, destroy all corpses and deal 1 magical damage to their hero for each corpse.
    Why you think this is a good card:
    1) Add spice to a meta of corpse manipulation (phoenix, blessed champ+divine res, etc)
    2) Promote dust and reassemble, which are not popular abilities
    3) ? ? ?
    4) Profit

    xSidarothx's picture

    Name: Mind Decay
    Mana Cost: 2
    Turn Duration: 4
    Card Text: Each time a hero draws a card it loses 1 health.

    Why it is good:
    -it adds a new way to interact with card drawing
    -opens new ways to counter heavy draw relying decks


    Name: Gravewalker

    Mana Cost: 3

    Turn Duration: 6

    Card Text: Every creature card gains corpsecraft for the duration of this rune word.

    Reminder: Corpsecraft - This creature can be played in a corpse occupied slot.

    Why you think this is a good card:

    (1) Currently, the only card with corpsecraft is Soulranger, so the skill's impact on gameplay is rarely observed.

    (2) It adds an element of surprise to the battle and has the potential to significantly alter its pace.

    (3) Corpse control has repercussions for heroes (e.g., Uunys, Belnir, Abaddon), spells (e.g., harvest, scatter ashes, ancient ritual), and creatures (e.g., gravedigger), so the rune word has a potentially broad impact.

    (4) As with the other rune words, the proposed card's usefulness would be determined by various factors such as the player's current hand, board situation, and the opposing hero.

    (5) The card is balanced as it does not allow interference with the opponent's corpse, so it does not disadvantage heroes whose skill rely on an ally corpse (e.g., Jorma). Abaddon's 'steal corpse' skill is not unduely interefered with, as playing the rune word and subsequent creature costs more than removing a given creature's corpse.

    Pligi's picture

    Name:Inactivity (Maybe an icon with an aura around of a gear will fit!)
    Mana Cost:2
    Turn Duration:4
    Card Text:Gear Cards Can't Be Played(Existing do not work and become invulnerable for the duration)

    Reason:It can give u more combinations to counter enemy's gear or even save you for a while if he is based on them.To heroes like Dravkas and Noran (or whom ever with similar decks based on their abilities, quick card drawing or damaging only from them) will bereave the ability to use constantly the same gear card's like quick draw cannon,essence/Mage's mantle and also the duplicate spell should not work but can be played and armament blast should not lose it's effectiveness (i believe that rune tome should work with it but i leave that to you for balancing purposes). At the same time protects the gears in play and it can be proven a powerful asset,combined with enchanting or damaging spells,giving a two turn window for spell casting and mana gain for endangering situations!


    Name: Powerfull Calling

    Mana Cost: 6

    Turn Duration: 4

    Card Text: next 4 turns all cards drawn are cards that cost of 5 mana or higher (eg,Vengeful Titan) OR are epic cards

    Why you think this is a good card: this card can be can be ether work like this or the opposite as in only makes you draw low cost cards , it Allows for more control over the battle field which messes with your enemy's control there for jorma and baha decks that need high cost cards become affective or if the card only allow you to draw low cost cards they become less affective all in all it gives a very limited control over what you draw next , it maybe an interesting card to build a deck around given most ppl build decks that are mixed cost wise

    Raxel's picture

    Name: Mirrors Mirrors
    Mana Cost: 4
    Turn Duration: 4
    Card Text: A random creature you control gains the abilities of another opposing creature in any tile.

    Why you think this is a good card:
    I believe this will be a good card since it can be used to stop decks that rely on specific creture abilities to win, as fly, votalite, pierce, armor, regeneration or even indestructuble. It can also be fun and turn the tables under few circumstances. It is balanced since it gives the same opportunity to both players to exploit the advantage of opposing creatures.

    DesertStar27's picture

    Name: Reaction (Changed Card Idea)

    Mana Cost: 4 Mana

    Turn Duration: 4 Turns

    Card Text: Whenever a hero were to gain HP it loses HP equal to how much it would gain instead.

    Why you think this is a good card:
    In my opinion this card would be a great addition to the game as it can help greatly against many decks especially if someone manages to get quite a few health mantles and they are gaining health faster than you can defeat them. I think this card is great in a variety of decks and playstyles as it allows you to keep your opponent from gaining the extra HP that would caused them to win without being overpowered as it costs you the mana and only lasts 4 turns. I think this card could be used in pretty much any deck as a lot of people using healing cards and with this you could finally get the edge over opponents, such as the old Dravkas was. Mostly though I think this would be a good addition as there is a lack of rune word usage in the game and I rarely see them and even when I do it's the same cards. . .


    Name: Rebound
    Mana Cost: 6
    Turn Duration: 6
    Card Text: On each hero's turn, a random ally creature is returned to their hand and they gain mana equal to its cost -3 (minimum 1).

    Why you think this is a good card: There are so many cool creatures with "on enter" abilities. This will allow the player playing the rune to build a deck with a heavy amount of these creatures, but it will still carry the risk that the opponent is packing some too. The mana investment of 6 will be regained by the player if they make good use of "on enter" creatures. The reason I wanted mana cost -3 regained is so that the player can always cast a bounced creature because 2 mana per turn + 1 card drawn and banished = 3.

    Here's a list of all the creatures with "on enter":

    • Dwarven Sot
    • Baby Whelp
    • Vengeful Titan (Probably the first one you thought of when reading this)
    • Baby Whelp
    • Reeking Fleshbag
    • Fire Spawn - negatively affected
    • Swiftshot Ranger
    • Lightning Elemental
    • Sylph Assassin
    • Great Fire Elemental - negatively affected
    • Maelstrom Champion
    • Wandering Cleric
    • Thoughtful Cleric
    • Illusionist
    • Abysmal Dragon
    • Fairy Matron
    • Juggernaut
    • Drillbot Mechanic
    • Goblin Scout Zepp
    • Bountiful Priestess
    • Priestess of War
    • Zombie Priestess
    • Gravedigger
    • Hell Hound - negatively affected
    • Elven Boot Crafter
    • Streamwind Assassin
    • Armorsmith
    • Blessed Champion
    • Battle Mage
    • Fairy Mage
    • Chronomancer
    • Captivating Doll
    • Realm Crusher
    • Beastmaster
    • Soul Ranger
    • Archmage Vul'Grath

    Hasted creatures also get a boost here because this allows them to attack when otherwise they might be slowed down. Similarly, this rune could be used to slow down an opponent that doesn't have hasted creatures.

    It can also be used to counter growing creatures like Corpse Eater or remove pacify/disarm/weaken/poison/damage from your own creatures.

    With Bahamut and Jorma (maybe an unfortunate side-effect in this case), replaying creatures has an added bonus from the hero passive.

    All in all it is extremely flexible and I think would be playable in decks centered around it but also included as a counter to other cards.

    DodgeNDive's picture

    Name: Mimic
    Mana Cost: 6
    Turn Duration: 4
    Card Text: Your hero and opponent hero's abilities are swapped around for the duration (only abilities swaps, not charges.)

    Why this is a good card:

    Can be used offensively or defensively by all.

    Can be a game changer for all.

    Makes you more creative in using your opponent's abilities.

    I think the current flavor to rune words is that there's a certain uncertainty when you use them, even though you know you probably benefit from it, you don't know if your opponent will benefit more from it, depending on what other cards are readily playable in the coming turn/s.

    Some notes:
    1)Abilities' swaps dictated by ability's placement
    i.e. Akatril's Divine Fury to Noran's Mind Burst
    Final Judgement to Mana Bridge
    and Holy Summon to Spell Link

    MrTomothy's picture

    Name: Madness
    Mana Cost: 2
    Turn Duration: 5
    Card Text: On each Hero's Turn: That Hero is dealt 1 magic damage and discards one random card.

    Why you think this is a good card:

  • This is a chaotic card that will be fun to play. You will be delighted when you remove an opponent's power card from their hand.
  • This card helps maintain board control, which is useful for any hero. Aggressive heroes will like this at end game to make sure their opponent doesn't draw an answer. Controlling heroes will like to make sure those creatures aren't drawn in the first place. Stalling heroes will use this to slow the pace of the game while they gather mana for a big play.
  • If using the discard pile will be a theme in the next set as mentioned elsewhere, then the discarding actions can turn a disadvantage into an advantage. This would be a staple card for recursion decks.
  • The card's flavor has Shadow written all over it.
  • The name is awesome. Are you not imagining brilliant art for this card right now?
  • Polarius

    "All creatures are banished and are resummoned after this effect ends."

    Useful for so many different things. Baha can use it to get a big shockwave, Jorma for clearing blockers and Maelstrom Blast, Noran for a stall, Aba for a host of things, Akatril to postpone an attack, and Drav...well, kind of gets left out, but I assume he's being redesigned. It's also ripe for comboing, with Grave Fulfillment or Peasant Uprising blocking the resummon (or even better, Goblin Zeppelin!), as well as tons of on enter effects retriggering. It's also balanced, since the creatures get resummoned on your turn, you can't attack with non-hasted ones for two turns while your opponent only misses one.

    Gameplaya's picture

    Name:Summoning Rune-Word Ritual
    Mana Cost: 0
    Turn Duration:1
    Card Text:Summons the next Rune-Word card in your deck.

    Why I think this is a good card: It will increase the chance to have a Rune-Word card drawn which may be more enticing for players to use them in battle.


    Name: Humility
    Mana Cost: 3
    Turn Duration: 6
    Card Text: each hero can play or banish just common or uncommon cards

    with this rune the difference between the Big old players (full of epic or rare cards) and the new players with little cards could be resolved :)
    furthermore could be a very tactical rune if you have a small hand and you want to calm things down for a few turns


    Name: Vision
    Mana Cost: 2
    Turn Duration: 4
    Card Text: Players can see cards in opposing hand and the top cards to be dealt to each player
    Why you think this is a good card: Would you like to see what your opponent might play next? Are you willing to expose your own hand in return? Seeing the next card to be dealt on both sides opens up new lines of strategic thinking - they're going to draw a fireball. Will they use it on my 3 hp card already in play if they can see that I'm holding a Vengeful Titan? With more milling related cards, skills, etc in the works - I'm more likely to want to force a discard if I know what I'm forcing out of hand. But I've got to show my own cards to get that knowledge...


    Name: Bunnies ... Bunnies Everywhere!
    Cost: 3 mana
    Duration: 6 turns

    Effect:(At the start of each turn) Corpses get removed, every creature gains Dust, and all empty slots get filled up with a 0/1 unblockable, unaligned "Bunny" creature.

    A crazy little card, ideal for stalling and for some laughs :)
    - Can prevent reassemble, revival effects
    - Makes flying, splash creatures valuable
    - Provides stalling against melee creatures
    - Inhibits playing creatures unless the player wastes extra mana to kill poor bunnies off.
    - Playing attack increasing buffs/gear would make the "Bunny" a useful little b*tard on the field ;)

    - All of the above, as things cut both ways!

    fulpan's picture

    Name: Tribal World
    Mana Cost: 3
    Turn Duration: 3
    Card Text: Each creature gets +1/+1 for each other creature on the battlefield that shares at least one creature type with it.

    This card makes it possible to build new decks based on the type of creatures like zombies, rogues, beasts, gnomes, etc ... i was thinking to this card because i saw in guild store cards that have effects for a specific type creatures. So i think this card has a posibility to be a strong and fun card with new future set


    Name: Soul catcher
    Mana Cost: 2
    Turn duration: 4
    Card Text: Every time a creature die create a X/1 Soul (token) with flying and dust in that creature slot instead of leave a corpse, where X its equal to the half (rounded up) of the dead creature current attack when it died.

    A counter to revival/phoenix strategies and a good booster if your creatures are going to die in your oponent next turn beacuse you can attack with yours Souls after that..a versatil card that i like to see in the next set. Obviously written in a correct englinsh :)


    Goddess' Decree
    Mana Cost:3
    Text: Only Female creature cards may be played with their mana cost reduced by 1.

    something for the ladies =)


    Name: Impulsiveness
    Mana Cost: 2
    Turn Duration: 4
    Card Text: On your turn: instead of drawing a card, mill 3 cards from the top of your deck. After that, choose a card from your discard pile, add it to your hand.
    Why you think this is a good card: This card is basically a double-edged sword. You can use it to quickly get a card you need to your hand but with the cost of sending 2 cards to the discard pile. Also, this can be used to mill your opponent or in conjunction with cards that works in/with the discard pile.


    Name: Fools Guild, and or Jester's Court
    Mana Cost: 4
    Card Text: Each creatures attack and life change from 1 to 3. All creatures return to base attack and life at the end of duration.

    Just a fun card to randomize and bring more of a luck feel to the fight, instead of cold hard calculations xD, plus i love the jester promo lol. Not to OP but hey the possibilites are random and could shift the tide of large creatures to small and small to large, enjoy. P.S. Kornage=Kornkilla xD


    Name: Siphoning Field
    Mana Cost: 4
    Turn Duration: 4
    Card Text: Whenever a source deals damage, its controller gains that much life.

    Why you think this is a good card:

    Can help the user gain life in a pinch, could be used with effects that require life loss (existing and possible in the future) creatures that deal on enter damage such a swiftshot ranger and reeking fleshbag get better.



    Name: Libra
    Mana Cost: 4
    Turn Duration: 6
    Card Text: Every creature is a 3/3 unaligned without any abilities. When Libra effect ends, all creature go back at their base values.

    Why you think this is a good card:

    It can be usefull in various ways, and it is fair.

    this card can be used both from:
    -a player who want to counter some powerfull creatures (libra>fireball/dark missile or Libra>attack/defend with a lower creature)
    -a player who play with weak creatures with low mana cost.

    So can be usefull both for stronger players and new players, and both for big creature decks (bahamuth) and for weak creature decks (abaddon).

    Creature lose all abilities to prevent too fast attacks (lightning blitz + libra = 9 istant damage) or to give too much op-ness to reassemble creatures (skeleton 3/3 everywhere!).
    They still have abilities from other cards/gears, but Libra have 4 mana cost so a player need more mana to combine various effect in one turn.

    Heroes with fast play or/and many spells (arcanos/Jorma) are not too much advantaged, cause creature lose haste. Plus Undertow can't one-shot a 3/3 creature.
    Can be usefull for Noran too. Enemy creatures lose resist, and defending creatures will be 3/3.
    QDC will work on creature, but if enemy have more of them will probably win faster.

    Creatures still have their mana cost, so revival and other similar effects are possible, and Fae charm works only for the same creatures.

    All creatures become unaligned, so it prevent gear-boosting (example +1 to all undead/beast...). Fear will work on all cards.
    Akatrill Final judgement will do 3 damage (unaligned = no dark alliance) but can kill a 3/3 anyway.

    The duration is 6 turns, 3 turns each player, so both of them can adeguate their game to the card effect.

    When the effect end (after 6 turns or when another runeword is played) all creatures go back to BASE values (no damage/boosting are calculated) and abilities-alignment.

    This card can be usefull to all heroes/decks, or not, and is not designed for my purpose (i wouln't use it probably, if not for fun).


    Name: Monument
    Mana Cost: 3
    Turn Duration: 6
    Card Text: Corpses act like 0/1 creatures with dust and cannot attack. Corpses last as long this card is in effect
    Why you think this is a good card: It can be played defensively, having corpses act as shield against oncoming enemy creature attacks. Since corpses are still corpses, just their definitions have changed, you have more ways to manipulate both your and your opponent's corpses, hindering for example phoenix revival, divine burial, scattered ashes etc. by directly attacking the corpses. However, since the corpses will remain as long as the card is in effect, if you fail to do anything to them, the it could be an advantage for the opponent- e.g. they can revive a phoenix corpse two turns later.


    Name: Сonflagration
    Mana Cost: 2
    Turn Duration: 4
    Card Text: All creatures are dealt 1 magic damage each turn and when they enter the play.

    Why you think this is a good card:
    Well... I think rune-words aren't used that often cause they have too specific/situational effects especially considering the fact that they affect both players. So it's hard to think of a good use.
    And this card is really straightforward, it doesn't even need much explanation. it's obviously usefull for gear-based decks for some creature control... or with mystical creatures or with ward mages+anything.
    It also gets countered by ward mages but it costs only 2 mana so that isn't a too hard drawback.

    MattiasGrendelson's picture

    Name: Sight Beyond Sight
    Mana Cost:1
    Turn Duration:2
    Card Text: Look at the next three cards in your deck. Choose one for your hand. The other two are placed on the bottom of your deck. Unless Thundercat is in play, then keep two.

    Why you think this is a good card: Gives each player a chance to check out what's upcoming and keep one card, while having to pass up two.

    Plus - THUNDERCATS - HO.


    Name: Exhaust
    Mana Cost: 4
    Turn Duration: 4
    Card Text: Whenever a hero gains mana that hero is milled 1 for each mana gained.
    Why you think is is a good card: I think this could be a good staple mill card, it's a 4 mill for 4 mana. However since you also get milled, it's a card you would think twice about using versus another mill deck. It also has the potential to synergize well with graveyard play decks in the future, as well as playing well off of cards like Elementals Boon. It also mildly punishes potion/elixir popping and other mana ramping cards.

    Alavarra's picture

    Cost: 4
    Duration: 4
    At the beginning of each player's turn, they gain life equal to the number of cards in their hand, then mill that many cards from their deck.

    This is a neat little rune with a powerful, versatile effect - it can be used defensively to gain a lot of life quickly (but with a heavy price) or offensively to burn through the other player's deck or scare them into dumping their entire hand.

    Dr.Bojangles's picture

    Cost: 3
    Duration: 4
    Whenever a player draws a card a random creature that player controls gains one hp.

    This cards primary function would be to give Norans more of an incentive to use creatures in their decks.
    It also would make cards like deep though and wonder playable by heros other than Noran and with the relatively high cost i don't think it would be overly powerful.


    Cost: 5
    Duration: 6
    On each Hero's turn, instead of drawing a card, that Hero looks at the top three cards of his/her deck and puts one in to his/her hand, then discards the rest. That Hero then loses 2 life.
    When you play Sift, gain 2 mana.

    Craft your hand, but at a cost of 2 cards and 2 life per turn. Adds some real strategic choices for both players. Really only costs 3 to play, but you gotta have 5 saved up.


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