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Chrono Master - Future Glimpse

I hate (yes HATE) the skill progression for Future Glimpse.
To me, the more important part of the ability is drawing a card, however, your drawing ability DECREASES dramatically as you level the ability. Two ways I think this could be changed:

Option A:
Keep ability the same for levels 2 and 3 but maintain the 4 charge cost for each level.
level 1: 4 charges for 1 card and 1 mana
level 2: 4 charges for 1 card and 2 mana
level 3: 4 charges for 1 card and 3 mana

Option B:
Increase card drawing ability at higher levels - not certain how this would look for level 2
level 1: 4 charges for 1 card and 1 mana
level 2: ???
level 3: 6 charges for 2 cards and 3 mana

As it is set up currently I can't see any circumstances where I would level it past 1.



How is it set up currently you forgot to say.


Currently it is:
level 1: 4 charges for 1 card and 1 mana
level 2: 5 charges for 1 card and 2 mana
level 3: 6 charges for 1 card and 3 mana

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I hardly consider the addition of 1 charge needed to draw a card as dramatically decreasing the level of the ability. The additional mana is probably slightly more beneficial (at least for level 2).

Think of it this way. In a match that lasted 20 rounds (most don't go this long), you would get:

level 1: 5 cards and 5 mana
level 2: 4 cards and 8 mana
level 3: 3 cards and 9 mana, 2 charges left over

With cards like charge potion - spend 1 mana to get one charge and siphon - steal charges, I definitely think that going to level 2 is worth it. I am not sure about level 3 though.

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You're incorrect about this needing a boost. I'd recommend that you give it a try and see for yourself.

The deal is the same as with Time Rift. It may seem an awesome deal to leave TR on level 1 and use it for just 2 mana. But a Slow ability isn't exactly worth 2 mana, and soon you'll realize that you are wasting more mana than you should, weakening your game. A 3-turn Slow for 4 mana is a much better deal.

Same goes for Future Glimpse. I never had a problem with not having enough cards with the Chrono Master; thanks to Study Mystical (extra Mystical card every 3rd turn) my character was swimming in cards and was turning them in constantly for mana.

If you are focused on mana rather than cards, then upgrading Future Glimpse gives you a better deal: this is what you will have on the 12th turn:
1st level (1 card, 1 mana every 4th turn): 3 cards, 3 mana
3rd level: (1 card, 3 mana every 6th turn): 2 cards, 6 mana

I'm not sure if that one extra card will be worth +3 mana to you; it isn't to me. My hand is constantly full of cards as it is, the issue is how I get more mana to summon more of those cards.

I like it in the Chrono Master though that it has the potential on a progressively growing and a rush character too. Leaving Time Rift and Future Glimpse on level 1 and choosing 1-2 very specific Mystical cards (instead of filling your deck with them so that you have enough for a long game), then you could potentially build a rush deck. It's risky, I never could make it work, but the possibility is there.