11 Steps To Be The Best!

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11 Steps To Be The Best!

I'll describe what you need to do as a starting player in 11 scentences from . . . NOW!

Save your gems for Boxes or Singles, nothing else.

Buy Core packs untill you have 129+, then Eve, Rise, Tribes.

Do Advanced Tutorials found in campaign, you get 7 free packs.

Make your decks 40-42 Cards.

Join a Bronze guild to get Honor, gold and gems!

Use Honor to get Archmage Vulgrath, then anything else you want.

Do atleast 20 battles in Standard or Limited for free packs and gems; even more if you want to win BIGGER prizes!

Do campaign to get free gems, cards, essence, stones and other bonuses!

Save your stones/essences untill you have 151+, then craft EPICS or RARES!

One you have done all of this, you will be good enough to make your own choices.

Done; was just going to put that but it didnt classify as a scentence so Im writing this so it does.


Not have bad padawan, you seem to be learning in my steps :)


The biggest help for new starters are tournaments. Stick to the drafts/sealed as you wont have the cards to compete in constructed. It might take a few rounds to figure out and learn the best ways to make use of what cards you get in sealed/draft but once you have, you can get a decent amounts of packs for free.

I'm not sure if buying rise/eve/tribes packs is still worth it. 15k a pack is a huge amount considering that 90% of the cards in the old sets are now obsolete compared to the new cards. Saving gems for LA 10 pack boxes is definitely the way to go and buy singles once you know what cards are top tier.


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