Fan Art?

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Lord Mantis
Fan Art?

If we're looking for a place to put fan art, would this be it or is there another area on the forum we should use?


Just post it in the normal kingdoms discussion board. more people frequent there, and it's more likely to be seen. all sorts of random stuff gets posted there, so you can't go wrong. this is the board that goes unnoticed forever :P I've played for 3 months but have not once checked here until now lol.

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I'd like to speak to that, Red. You are correct that this section is less seen. It was an idea I hatched a couple months back that hasn't taken off particularly well, but there are some who check it from time to time. I just wanted a place to put some of the Lore-related ideas I and others had. As far as fan art goes, I'd love to see it in here. I'll be glad to give it a bump if it drops off of the active topics list.


Come on guys post some fanart!

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Yes we all need some fanart and I am sure together we can share some amazing stuffs here.

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