How to Play Kingdoms CCG! 2016 FAQ

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How to Play Kingdoms CCG! 2016 FAQ

Home page (will be referenced throughout)

Player Information;
This place. If your here reading, congrats! why not make a forums account? What can you do with a forum account? You can comment and tell me how good this FAQ is or if its missing anything!. Free, easy and quick. If this Thread is missing anything then please comment down and tell me, so that I can answer your questions or even add it in here :).

Forums also allow you to debate about game related knowledge, if it be from a card nerf or card buff. Forums is also a place where you may report any bug you find within the game. Forums can also occasionally contain special awards which ANY player can win! So you'll definitely want an account for that.
Link to Forums;

This is the developers note. When there's a little number on it, means its been updated, and is always very worth reading.

(Little yellow thing on main page, Link at top)

Link to Kingdoms CCG deck; create your own decks here and share them! Or take a look at other people decks! - (ALL credit goes to its creator, xankludan)

How best to use my Gems (shiny purple crystals)???

"If you plan to keep playing this game for a very very very long time and you are committed to NEVER spend any money on this game. You should buy gods reborn with gems. As there is no possible way to get GR cards for gold at this moment.

If you just want to have as much fun possible playing the game right now and you do not care about the far far far away future. Buy either DD or LA. 10 x packs" - archa1983
**Box- 10 packs of chosen set with guarantied epic OR legendary** (or both!)

Gold? . . . .
Yes, you may want to spend gold on CORE packs (being cheap and useful for new players) and hero's.
The New CORE pack also contains the best cards from 4 sets. So its ideal if you want a strong start. You will not need a new hero early on as Training Grounds will reward you with 6 more. Anything you CAN buy with gold, you SHOULD. Gems are very useful and can purchase anything in the game.

As a new player, you shouldn't need to focus on getting a new hero, but if you do want them, buy them with gold. You get 7 free hero's given to you for while progressing through Training Grounds
(as stated above). But later on, splashing some gold on a hero or two to build a new deck around is definitely a good idea. But Focus on building your card collection then a hero. A hero is no use to you without the cards you want/need to make it strong.

Decks/How to Build One
A new player deck won't need to be based much around combos. A good deck will consist of mostly Creatures and Spells. Gears are for combo decks, and Rune Words are rarely used, if so no more than one set (like four plenty's or poverty's)


Campaign/Training Grounds
First, select a hero you like. Then pick 2 kingdom's 1 being the same kingdom as your current hero, another kingdom (non opposing) and unaligned. This is the guidelines to build your campaign deck.

What are the Advanced Tutorials???
They are just as they are named. Advanced rules to help you understand the game better, and show some new combos. Also, for each one completed properly, a pack is rewarded.
(pack can only be awarded once from each)

How to Beat the Training Grounds?
With tough cards in your hand, skill and determination!
The enemies mostly have the style of deck mention earlier; creatures combined with spell cards to clear the road. You should follow the same tactic, by playing your creature cards cleverly and using spells like Disintegrate to remove on-coming threats. Enemy's in campaign don't have specific gear combo decks.
There are also lots of videos on YouTube on how to do the challenges as well as the story.

What beats the final boss??? I just can't do it!
There's several YouTube videos that show you much better than I can explain. But throughout completing the Training Grounds (so far) you should have built up quite a strong collection. There's always people in Chat or here in forums you can ask if you need specific details :).

Where's the rest of the Training Grounds??? Where does it end??
The Training Grounds currently ends after you beat the final boss in the soul tree; Nemesis. After beating him you will unlock a key and NOT be able to progress. This is because Training Grounds is currently under reconstruction and will be added to throughout 2016.


Should I enter the overall Arenas (Standard and/or Limited)??
The arena hosts many rewards (including gems, packs and promos for the high ranked) for the worthy as well as fame. It is considered to be what players move onto after completing the current Campaign/Training Grounds.

But here's a video which describes the formats and everything else a whole lot better :)

These are the prizes; However, to get the prizes, you must have played AT LEAST 20 games in both arenas against other players (lose or win).

1st: 10-Pack of Descent, 80 Gems, Monthly Premium Card x 2
2nd:10-Pack of Descent, 60 Gems, Monthly Premium Card x1
3rd-20th: 5 Packs of Descent, 40 Gems, Monthly Premium Card
21st-50th: 3 Packs of Descent, 30 Gems Monthly Premium Card
51st-100th:2 Packs of Descent, 20 Gems Monthly Premium Card
101+: 1 Pack of Descent, 10 Gems

There are also Two monthly promo cards: An epic card. which is for all players From 1st - 50th and an uncommon, which is for everybody 1-100th.
Enter the arena for fame and rewards; good luck!


Should I enter a tournament??
Of course you should. It allows you to access cards you might find difficult to get from other sets.
Though I strongly suggest that you READ the card collection of that set you are playing, first. So that picking out cards is easier and you don't need to waste time reading every card :).

Tournament Timer/What to do if it reach's and stays at 0 (bug)
This is when server time changes for Guilds. Usually just WAIT 5 minutes, and you will be fine :)
Another thing about the timer; Play fairly quick or you'll run out of time and lose! you only have 180 seconds to win your game!

I can't enter!
This is because you may have no tickets or have too many. Tickets to enter a paid tournament (the bottom two) will need 5 tickets, and will be playing for a prize pack (containing cards from every set). To get tickets, you must win "Free to play" Tournaments (The top one in tournament section) and win them. Or buy them at the "Add Credits" section.

Tournament Deck Building
I see this question floating around quite often, so I'll answer it: Here's (my opinion) The 5 Points to deck building.
1) Know which set your playing with and know the cards.
2) Make your deck 25-28 cards.
3) NEVER leave or surrender tournament before it ends (anything can happen!)
4) Make your deck mostly of creatures and removal spells
A Removal spell; "Deal 2 damage to enemy creature". Anything damaging enemy creatures.
5) Don't use rune worlds or gears for your deck. The Gears are too chunky and slow, and the runes aren't powerful to stop your opponent.


Whats a guild?
A guild is you and some friends that fight for rewards to become the best.

Should I join a guild? Do I need it?
Need it; no. If you can get one, great, players will be more helpful there. But I would concentrate on Training Grounds and Tournaments more.

Guild Cards?
Guild cards are cards that can be bought for honour (earned from guild wars) or gems within the Guild Cards section. Better just to use honour to buy key cards you may like, most notably, Vul Graph the arch Mage, a powerful legendary card used by old and new players everywhere. However, to unlock these cards you must do the required challenges (like play 10 guilds wars with a Elemental hero)

Additional Information

Can I Trade?? What's Crafting??
Unfortunately, you cannot trade cards, as this is a CCG, not TCG. However, you can collect stones and scrap additional copies of cards to create new cards you did not have. This allows you to reach some specific powerful cards in over sets, such as Death Knight from legacy.
(NEVER scrap a card you have less than 4 of, as it may become useful later)

Why does he have a gold sword and I have silver??? - Symbols

Gold sword = playing from the original site (
Sliver Sword - Playing from another site (such as Facebook, Kongregate, Armour Games, etc)
Pink Crown - Member of the Second and Third top Ranking Guild
Orange Crown - Member of the Number One Ranking Guild
Red M - Moderator of the Chat room.
Gold Star - Developer of the game - So be extra kind if you see one around ;)

Who are the Moderators, and how can I report somebody to them??
If you would like to report something to them, you might need a screenshot. If you don't know how to screenshot, there's google and guides to help, and free sites to use such as Gyazo, or (I use both, there free)
How to Private message anybody: (/(players name) (message)

List of Moderators At the Moment (easily accessible to)
- edit by Grrwaaa to add... Grrwaaa --
- edit by hopeprevails to add: -
If there are no moderators in chat, and there is a chat issue, email:

(This list will be updated Regularly to allow new players to know who they can go to for help).

Chat Commands
Just a nice touch I thought I would add in :)
/clear - clears the chat
/w [player name] [message] - Send a private message to a players
/list - Show a list of users
/mute [player name] - mute a player
/unmute [player name] - unmute a player
/mutelist - show players you have muted
/join [room name] - Joins a chat room
/room - Displays the chat room name you are in
/leave - Leaves room chat

All of these command in chat can be accessed by: /help

Tribes 2; What are these Cards?
Tribes 2 host some of the strongest cards in the game. However, they can only be bought with Gems.
Powerful, but as a new player, you should be building up your collection rather than spending gems on single cards. Buy Tribes 2 later on, when you have a solid collection of cards from New CORE, Light Ascending and Descent into Darkness.

As a player, I wish to spend my money; What should I buy?
I generally do NOT help people when spending money. Money is a big thing which I do not want to get involved with in case a player regrets what they have bought with my advice. Therefore I let the person with the money choose whatever they like.
All I suggest is that you buy the gems (or bundles). especially the gems, and if so, for over $20, as buying anything over $20 means you get a special epic pack. Also, for spending money and supporting the game, you will be entitled a V.I.P level. This allows you to access special cards in the game based on your level (max 10).

Is the game possible to play without spending money?
Absolutely. I have been playing for 4 years (sounds a lot, but it really isn't) about 3 hours per day while I do other work, and I still have loads of fun and I am still a very powerful player. Never spent any money.
Many over players have also not spent money. Its not a necessity.
What spending money does, is support the developers of the game which In turns, supports your account (with cool rewards, such as the mentioned epic pack, and V.I.P Levels).

And there you go! You have reached the end of the Kingdoms CCG FAQ. if you have found this useful, make your forums account (very easy and quick) and tell me!. if I could have done better, tell me and I'll add it in. We hope the game is more clear to you now after reading this. Enjoy!


Good job, cewen.

For guilds, you could add that you can earn gold as well as honor points to buy certain cards, most notably Archmage Vul'grath.


Thanks :)

Added in;
-Guild Cards
-Arena/Reward Cards
-Tribes 2
-Money (briefly, I don't like to get involved in that topic)


I've also recently got an offer to translate it into German also . . .how useful do you think that would be? Like how many player play in German? cause I don't want the translator's job being for no use, you know?
Maybe i'll ask GANZ later and they can give me statistics or something.


I don't think it could hurt to have it translated into German. Especially with the phone app release, we could see an influx of players from all over.

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This is great. Should be stickied.


What's stickied? :P
Thanks, took a few hours to make <3


stickied like the one's on the top of the forum.


I've played for half a year and got some nice stuff, but I don't usually play more than a few minutes per day and my deckbuilding and battling skills are pretty hopeless, I have admit. Completed the campaign only up to the dead man aggro beast deck place. What should I do?

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buy pacify with gold or craft it with 25 holy essence, use as few cards in your deck as possible, thought retriever+thought destroyer and you win almost everything in campaign with that.


thanks for the advice.


Bumping this post back to the front page to help out some new players. Maybe this should be a sticky post?

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Cheers man, means a lot :).
I've definitely heard of people suggesting making it a sticky . . kinda flattering :P.

But no worrys, I got it on my favourites. So I can easily pop it open for anybody who needs it.


Updated: Added in new core, commands. Generally Polished up.


Updated: Arena section with Karl's nifty video :)


What if I am in top 50 in 10 games at arena, will I get gems?


No - you must have completed at least 20 games. Only 10 more games to play (play - not nessacerly meaning you must win) until your truly in top 20.

You will bet the gems and other awards when the season ends (currently, in 4 days time)


Ok, thanks

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I don't see why not, sure, go for it :). I can hardly remember where this forum post is anyway ;P