Just another Mek Rant... OR: How M.E.K. should have been working

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Just another Mek Rant... OR: How M.E.K. should have been working

Warning: The first half of this text is nothing more then a anti Mek rant. if you want to read constructive suggestions, skip to the 2nd part.

First let me explain how mek works currently - regardless of limited or standard. Just the basics, they are so stupidly simple it would be hillarious if not for the fact that it works. Step 1: play Opus of Gadgetry. step 2: abuse the hell out of Opus by playing charge potions, 1 or 2 mana alchemy creatures and of course: step 3:(optional): play shrapnel cannon.

With the exception of those rare Meks that do not own Opus and are thus just trying to survive somehow with step 2 alone, every single Mek i ever encountered did that. The reason to this is simple: the hero does everything on its own. creatures or spells that do not charge him are wasted. But lets take a closer look how exactly that works:

First his startingstats: 16/2 while not overwhelmingly good, its the the higher of the two x/2 stats that are currently used. on its own its not game breaking, just to be expected from heroes that go ever stronger then the last ones.

Lets Continue with his 3 Charge ability, the one thats the reason i write this and the one thats the reason mek is dominating over almost all other decks in limited except bothar who just happens to be a natural counter:

Forged Shield: put a Forged Shield Token into play. The card itself is a 0 Mana gear (armor) that prevents the next 2 Damage to Mek. Ok, so you get a cheap ability that prevents moderate damage, probably designed to stop mindshocker, scav gob and maybe Arcanos, seeing how the Shield blocks Magic damage too. And thats where the problem starts. Looking at Arcanos, we can see: Do 1 Dmg, if you played a spell this round do 2 Dmg. so whats different? mostly it will be 2 dmg since almost all arcanos use a lot of spells. The Difference is the condition. there are some times where you do not want to or not able to play a spell, so you either have to wait till you can, or lose 1 Dmg. Looking back to Mek: there is NO reason not to use the ability the instant its charged. No condition, not even a penalty of when you play it more then once a turn, or maybe an expiration date? no, nothing. just infinityshields. But ok, maybe his abilitys are just much more defensive, defense needs to be stronger then Offense in this game where most Battles end in 3-5 turns. Thats ok. Whats not ok is the next Part of the Shield: Not that long ago a certain Card named empower got a major nerf despite rarely being played and rarer still being complained about. why? for the sake of "logic". Cards should not be able to attack the same round they entered when they lose their haste. ok, makes sense. And i'm not complaining about more logic in this game. But then again: please tell me: WHERE IS THE FUCKING LOGIC OF A SHIELD BLOCKING LIFELOSS?

oups. did i actually write that? sorry. but yes: it IS that bad. The fact that all Meks spam that thing just makes it worse.

His second ability: Build an army: put a 2/3 Construct token with volatile and another random ability into play.

What. so after the totally awesome Shield that prevents every and all damage and is spammable to heaven and back mek not only gets a Summon ability, but a Summon ability that has a lot of life, medium attack and Volatile, not to mention it can get those awesome abilitys like Indestructable or allegant? Seriously? Where is the defense aspect now? i get the High health, but 2 attack is nothing defensive anymore. But ok, lets put it on the " Heroes get stronger" aspect. onward we go

His Third ability:
Put a Mechana War Banner into play: that one is a 0 Mana Gear token (relic) that gives all ally Creatures +1/+1, volatile, and to top that the owner draws a card on his turn. Lets sink that in: EVERY Creature gets +1+1, not just the ones already in play, no. you can play anything and it gets the buff too. I can see you Crying there Bahamut and all others that have buffing abilitys with more then 3 charges. That alone, combined with the volatile would be more then enough for a nice 6 to 7 charge ability, but wait: theres that other part: Draw a card. Yeah thats right. you cannot play a discard Strategy with mek. he just replaces his lost cards with more.

to summarize it: Mek got decent Hitpoints and Mana to start, his first Ability is not only spammable, but also breaks the current " we Nerf things because it makes sense to do so" Way.Both together mean that Meks don't really care about how much life they have left, there is no known mechanism aside from mill that can kill em with Shields up. No restrictions or an expiration date for the Shields mean they can have as many as they are able to play (Maximum i encountered was 7... when i was playing Arcanos burn. So i guess its not that hard to go way beyond that) His Second ability means Mek does not need any strong creatures, because why would he play something that has high mana costs or high stats to start with? he can spam those Construct tokens like nothing else and most Decks (again, aside from bothar, who just happens to be a natural counter and thus is ignored here) will have a hard time fighting only the 2/3's that become combat monsters with his 3rd ability soon enough. His third kills everyone that is able to survive the waves of Constructs somehow, making not only 1 creature but EVERY SINGLE THING HE PLAYS dangerous. No other hero has this much Synergy with his abilitys, and if you ask me, no hero should.

But now to the fun part, the one most of you might be willing to read:


I have a lot of ideas for how to Nerf Mek into a playable but not dominating hero, here are my favorites:

1. Give his Shield a Condition to being played, comparable to arcanos 1.st
--> Put a forged Shield token into Play -> Forged Shield: Prevent 1 Damage, if you played a Construct Creature this turn, prevent 2 Damage
--->Put a forged Shield token into Play, you can only use this ability after playing 1 Alchemy Card this turn

2. Make Forged Shield 4 charge
-> while this does not much to the problem of Mek just hypercharging himself, it does slow him down, maybe enough to stop him dominating everything

3. Make the Shield last only1 or 2 Turns
My Favorite. Let him spam as many as he wants, at some point his Deck will be empty enough for him to have to slow down. I'd prefer 1 turn, but i do see that 2 Turns is the right way to do it. On a side note: more then 2 Turns would probably make the change useless

4. Give the Shield a Cost
-> Put a forged Shield token into Play, your hero loses 1 Mana. If your hero has no mana left, bannish he bannishes 1 card from his hand
-->Put a forged Shield token into Play. Forged Shield: Prevent the next 2 dmg to ally hero, on your turn: your hero loses 1 mana, if he has no mana left, destroy this card

5. Mechana war banner
-> Cut the "Draw 1 card" part
--> Change the all ally creatures part into 1 ally creature. maybe tied to the slots, so that the player can choose to have one incredible thig out, or some buffed ones

Lastly, as a Bahamut and Grovenhold empower lover, i simply DEMAND that the Shield stops preventing lifeloss. FOR THE SAKE OF LOGIC! or so... get what i mean? good.


Couldnt disagree more. In the first part u clearly stated that alsmot all MEK abused Opus, and in the second part u jump to ask him nerfed. He is strong, so what? If you have a problem with MEK Opus, make a thread about nerfing Opus, that is just one card, not wrecking a hero and with it all good deck concepts that can be used with him.

Second thing is, we are close to a new release and completely change of format, so do be so anxious and wait to see what will be changed in the meta before asking devs to mess with this original hero that added new things to the meta.

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He is so strong that 60% of my battles in arenas are against him.Others are against Thania.I understand that people want to win.But difference betwen Thania(scav goblin),Mek(opus) and other heros is too big.So with Amarus,Shadow,Noran you have no chance to win.And that is stupid and boring.I agree with you petrus,maybe not to nerf anything but to buff some heros.


Will be a different Story In 2 Kingdom Format. I already have a Limited alistin 2 Kingdom and a 2 kingdom unnys and akirtil decks waiting.


i don't want all my suggested changes implemented, each one of the --> and the numbers are just to mark different ideas is one suggestion, and one alone would be enough to stop mek sillyness if you ask me


There's a new rune world that stops gears being played AND relic hunter (have been showed in blog and Facebook). Mek has suffered enough for now, I saw we let the new set kick in, wait a week or two, THEN talk again about this topic :).

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So MEK places relic hunter in his deck too. Isn't really an anti MEK card. And it needlessly destroys decks that use hourglass as support gear.


I agree with joe here. New cards like Staff of stability are coming which will weaken MEK most definitely. Until then, no reason to nerf MEK.

And im fine with infinite shields, you just gotta take em down. Think of it this way, MEk is a factory, always trying to produce his goods as fast as he can. Other factory goods don't waste there productions. So a "This token stays in for one or 2 turns thing" doesn't attract me.

On a side note, I agree about the life loss vrs MEK. Empower was changed (not drastically) but to make the ability haste seem logical. Life loss vrs mek should be in the same category.

But empower really wasen't changed much petrus. It was NEVER made to be played as a "6 or 7 damage in 1 turn on a little guy" card. Just a good buff card that can give 1/1 --> 4/4 depending on it :).
And finally, I bet this forum came out after SOMBODY *looks at petrus* lost to a mek deck with his acornos ;)


i sure did write this in reaction to getting stomped... again and again... by meks. both in limited and standard arena, yeah. But something is seriously wrong when even beginner type decks can kill my high end Arcanos burn deck.

As for Staff of Stability: i definitely do want 4 of em, just to have even a slight chance of stopping opus, but i don't think it will help much. here is why: looking ONLY at alchemy cards we have: Shatterblastgnome and smelt which can destroy low mana gear. did i mention both combo nicely with opus? and its alchemy, so not even close to needing another kingdom?

But yeah i do have to agree part of the problem is Opus. the rest of it is that mek combos too nicely tho. other heroes might have a concept, but they aren't too optimized to that. Mek has too much synergy to be left as he is. As i like to say in chat: the hero does everything for you. no need to bother doing anything but charge him. and if you ask me thats just wrong.


Still also the rune world "Powerless".

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The only hero that I could beat Opus decks was bother with powerless runes. Surprisingly it works great, and since most decks rely on their charges, you get a bang for your card pick.

Staff of stability isn't that great since it hurts you as well. Also, if you have 4 of them, you will likely lose to most other decks. If you don't, the chance of getting that item before the enemy hero does their wild combos with charge gains. Staff is a good support item, but not a main counter.

Still, opus should be changed.

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You are right about the shields not stopping life loss. There were supposed to only prevent damage. This will be fixed in the next release.


nice to read. maybe that, combined with the new cards is enough to bring back the fun to play against mek decks. i sure hope so :-)