How hard would it be to give all the old rares a buff?

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How hard would it be to give all the old rares a buff?

GANZ have said they have made a conscious effort to make more strong, playable creatures in recent expansions. I have nothing against that. However, in previous posts I have mentioned how much I believe this is putting off newer players, who are only realistically going to be able to get their hands on Core cards at the beginning. The price drops are nice but Eve and Rise are still twice the price of core which I think is pretty ridiculous. I'm going to quickly go over all the Core rares and say how I think they could be buffed to make them more like recent rares. It's mainly the creatures that I think need changing but I've included spells too.

AA Cannon - Hard one to start, could probably change the worded ability to deal 3 damage.
Battle Rig - Fine.
Explosives Expert - Either +1hp or -1 mana cost.
Study Creatures - Can't really do much with.
Duplicate - Fine.
Volatile Concoction - Either 2-3 damage or -1 mana cost.
Ancient Being - +1hp.
Vengeful Titan - Fine but could maybe get away with +1hp?
Deathless Wyvern - +1hp.
Ancient Charge - The +3hp until end of turn is pretty useless, could it not be +3 attack?
Dim Rip - Probably fine.
Horde of Wyrms - Not great but not awful.
Undying Acolyte - +1 attack.
Headless Horseman - Reassemble 2.
Zombie Goliath - +1hp or -1 mana cost.
Nethergods' Will - Banish instead of discard.
Corpse Explosion - -1 mana cost.
Unholy Night - Could maybe do 4 damage?
Sylph Assassin - Fine.
GFE - Remove worded ability.
Thunder Cat - Fine.
Nature's Retribution - Can't think of anything.
Fireball - Fine.
Lightning Blitz - Fine.
Slayer of the Damned - Fine.
Captain of the Guard - +1hp?
Faithful Worshipper - +1hp or -1 mana cost.
Raise the Banners - Remove alliance restriction.
Might of the Holy - Either +2hp or -1 mana cost.
Call to Arms - -1 mana cost?
Mana Sprite - Give it dust.
Grand Summoner - +1hp.
Illusionist - Fine.
Deep Thought - Fine.
Flight of the Pegasus - Flying is permanent.
Fae's Charm - Fine.
Green Slime - Not sure, maybe +1hp?
Warmonger Minotaur - +1hp or -1 mana cost.
Hero Ring - -1 mana cost.
QDC - I don't dare say anything here.
War Drums - -1 mana cost.
Spiked Armour - Either -1 mana cost or deals 2 damage.
Preserve - Corpses are permanent for the duration.
Torture - Fine.

I've gone through these in my head and I don't really think any of these changes would make the cards OP, just strong enough to give them more of a change to be seen in standard. Of course I may have overlooked some combo and pushed a card too far and if so please point it out. Any feedback would be appreciated.

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"QDC - I don't dare say anything here." :)

I actually don't have an issue with making some of these improvements. I appreciate that you kept the suggestions realistic.

Now that we've dealt with some of the pressing economy issues, we can go back and deal with some balancing issues.


Give mana sprite back it's dust pls. There was really no good reason to remove it in the first place (like 2-3 years ago).

All these buffs seem reasonable, but I don't think most of these cards would see competitive play even with the buffs. If nethergods will is changed to banish it should also take cards from graveyard, then at least it might see some sideboard play vs Ichor and stuff.

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Realistically only a very small minority of cards are ever going to see much top competitive play at any given time. That's just how it works. So here are some criticisms of this list.

Explosives Expert - This guy is basically fine. He has a place in Gob Cannon decks and can make for a good combat trick when you drop him to help trade off lanes.

Vengeful Titan - That 2 dmg on enter more than warrants leaving him at 3/3. I suppose we could try upping it to 3 dmg though.

Nethergods Will - This is an interesting one. I would prefer we allow it to target gears and drop the cost to 2 mana

Corpse Explosion - Very situational for a direct damage spell. I would up the damage to 2 per corpse while dropping the cost to 2. That could give it the value it needs to start seeing some interesting combos.

Unholy Night - Really needs to go down to 4 imo. It's too difficult to maintain undead board presence and still have mana up to wipe with value at 5.

Nature's Retribution - I was thinking this could go down to 1 but maybe we should just leave it and wait until we develop new cards/hero's that can combo well with immobile.

Grand Summoner - No need to mess with Summoner. He is always going to be a good combo staple besides he is already very hard to kill an extra point of hp isn't going to do much as far as broadening his impact.

Hero Ring - Too dangerous to drop the cost down. This is still played in control decks in limited.

Raise the Banners - I would keep the alliance restriction but double up on the bonus for both the atk and armor.

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Thanks for your input, I'm not saying my ideas are perfect, I didn't spend hours thinking on each of them, just went down the list pretty quickly. I tried to make them realistic because if they aren't nobody will pay any attention. I am aware that even with these changes these cards won't see huge amounts of play at the top of standard but I would imagine that's what GANZ wants which is fair enough. My intentions were really to see what small buffs we could give to these cards without pushing them into the realms of OPness.

I realise that GANZ has a limited amount of time and has to prioritise what they do with it. That's why I thought we as a community could come up with some sensible ideas so that if GANZ did decide to do something like this in the future it would use up less of their time as we would have done some of the work for them already.

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No, mana sprite is fine.


Honestly i didnt had time to look at every card suggestion, barely have time to do my wars this set, but ill give my 2 cents and say that buffing useless rares and epics are the most important thing for a more popular game right now, so congratz for ur thread.


I'd love to see unplayed cards wich are simply not good enough for their mana cost get a minor buff.
They don't even have to be made competitive. But upping it minorly could be the difference between not being able to compete for new players into a chance to compete.

I hope this sees the light of day.


Unholy night: 4 mana: Remove 3 hp of each non-undead creature in play. Fire dmg on an undead card? Sacriledge!

Zombie Goliath 4 mana: +1attack + 1HP for each skelleton and corpse in play could turn into an actual cool card. keep it 2 atk / 3 hp.

Dark pact: remove 1 mana of the cost

Nature's retribution: 1 mana = competitive play. I don't mind. Would be great to see these now that RTG and Endless Evil are so incredibly popular

Call to arms: Summon a 2/2 peasant with 1 armor into each slot. It will still be a sucky card. But less sucky.

Warmonger minotaur: Other allie beasts get +1 / +1. I'd love to see a beast deck for once.


Eternal Dragon could really use a buff at this point.

I'd get rid of the intimidate because its kind of pointless on this creature and replace it with indestructible... Currently its just a huge verdict or echo magnet, unable to do the one thing its meant to be good at; being sturdy.

Given its a 7 mana drop which sports the same offensive pressence as a bear, I'd maybe even go so far to raise the hp by one.