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New Player Project

Few days ago, while i was asked by a new player some informations about how to build a deck good for him, i realized a way to help new people with the help of devs. Once every 2 weeks maybe (depending on my commitments) devs should decide (idk how) one of the new players that needs help with his deck-building. I'll give him my build of his deck (depending on his card). To do that i'll need to receive his card list from devs. Moreover i'll give them some tips about how to use their gold and gems. Everuthing will be write down on the forum so that every new player will be able to look at these informations. I hope devs will accept that project.
Let me know if you think that the project can be improved and how.


I think this is a great idea! I think the game is doing okay at the moment with getting new players but the problem is keeping them on the game because I feel that new players will play for a day then quit. I believe that this will encourage some new players to stick with the game and would be an overall benefit to the community.


newbie here. when i click on the tabs for friends or guilds its just blank. how do i join a guild or just add a new friend to start?


The best way to join a guild is to apply on main chat. It can also be done on the guilds tab, but u take the risk of getting recruited by a terribly inactive guild.

To add a friend, click on his name in chat or other menu. In the left, you will see Add Friend.


Definitely. Player interactions are still lacking in this community. We have more PvP now, but no way to share decks or help new players with builds. Yes we can discuss it over faction chat, but going through a strategy only to hear "I don't have that card" only to go into an alternative to hear "I don't have that card either" get's frustrating. Perhaps a faction option where players could look at eachother's card lists, or at least an option that can be turned on or off depending on peoples preference would help a lot of new people stick with the game.

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I think the mediation of devs is unnecessary and only takes away time they might need for other things. Although a simple export for collections option would be enough I think, and would place the project or anything else that can make use of the export option in the community's hands where community projects should be anyway.


This is a great project idea the developers should must think about that it will make game better for new players because it right that the new players are joining the game but they want something more in game which can be given by this idea. Queens Towing Service in New York