How can I beat the last boss in the tree without anti-air cannon?(Willow of Souls)

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How can I beat the last boss in the tree without anti-air cannon?(Willow of Souls)

I have stuck on the last boss in the tree for almost 3 months.

And I don't have any anti-air cannon, so how can I beat him?

Thank you!

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Use flying creatures with armor, regen, high hp (belnir?), or steal/destroy the enemy tiara then beatdown (or stall). Stalling can also be done via weakens.

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i try weaken but the hero skills kill me anyways i think it to op it almost bs i been stuck on him longer then 3 months now i got so annoyed with it i just quit trying it pointless to keep trying

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elemental bequest and pacify is one combo
you also can use weaken effects and try to stall but you will need mass damage effects to survive early on (meteor/volatile concoction/unholy night etc)
either way would require cards to return your discards to your deck and lots of heal since nemesis can both kill you and mill you with his abilities


Haha,, i have used flying creatures and i almost invade but then i lose,,hehe I can say I'm very weak,, less strategic skills. I need still to enhance my offensive skill to completely defeat the opponent.

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Stuck on him as well, it seems like the developers made too big a jump when creating him.
An enemy that starts with 3 epics and fully charged OP abilities is just waaay overkill considering the average person would have aquired like 4 epics at this point.

I don't mind an enemy with tough cards/abilities but give us a chance to actually get some kind of plan going.

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They did tweak him. Most of the wins were before the tweak.


He's still not to difficult, 1 pacify 1 elemental bequest, then mill and done

he just has more cards now, such as abby dragon


Ive beat him just while ago with Dravakas hero and:
4x Weaken
2x Compound Cubes
2x Thought Retiever
4x Essence Mantle
4x Angels Tear
4x Mana Flask

It takes 'few' games to get good cards on start (mana + 2x weaken or better mana + compound cubes + weaken), but its quite cheap deck...


I get asked this in chat at lest twice a day, so here is the deck that won 4/5 times:
4: pacify
3: elemental bequest
2:essence mantle
2: thought retriver
2: thought destroyer
2: reclaim
2: meteor
You can skimp on the gears if you dont have anough of them, I used this with wilorus.